Guitar Blizzard Of Blues with Tommy Z

Guitar Blizzard Of Blues with Tommy Z

Guitar Blizzard Of Blues with Tommy Z


This the fourth album is definitely blowing up a Guitar Blizzard Of Blues with Tommy Z. Nine songs with the penultimate track an inspired cover of My eyes (Keep Me In Trouble). The re- structuring of Herbert Walker’s number, which is associated with Muddy Walters, into a funky groove with the keys setting the agenda while keeping true to the soul of post-war blues; with layers of tones and time to hear the intricacy of the guitar and keyboard work. Now back to the self-penned numbers that are the deep blues storm on the album Blizzard Of Blues.

Tommy Z, delivers blues with a passion and intensity throughout the album, subtle as baby blue through to midnight blue of a blues guitar that rocks and every shading of blue the guitar and vocals can deliver in between. The combo of lyrics, vocals and a guitar with a driving chug sends a frisson of blues pleasure as the musical clock starts ticking with the opening track Lovergirl and you know the journey with Tommy Z is going to be fun all the way. Blizzard of Blues is a multi-dimensional album the production by Tommy keeps the sound crisp and clean as a clear winter day. The band adds layers of tonal interest. Bassist, Jerry Livingstone teams up with Damone Jackson on drums to provide a rhythm section that keeps shape and allows time for the guitar to twist around the chords. The quartet are completed with the skills of Kevin Urso on Organ who adds some exciting chords and embellishment to the Blizzard of Blues, this is a blues storm with plenty of interesting and tense moments.

The blues cool down, slow down with reflective drumming and guitar that lifts the heart as a heartfelt tribute to Tommy’s late friend on Blues For KP is drenched in a blues emotional vibe that is so strong. The title track kicks-ass. With a rocking driving beat. The concept of the album formulated after a taxing journey through a blizzard on New York’s 219 Expressway. This is no road trip of a song it is the perils of life and the rift of the blues is deep as any blizzard and they are hot enough to melt the deepest snow drift.

Blizzard of Blues explores all aspects, slow, rocky, jazz and gospel fueled on Miracle, a track that uplifts and has an easy listening appeal for airplay across all stations. Closing with Al’s Groove, the groove is with you this is the subtle track the blues gentle kissing each note. An instrumental that lets the musicians explore the cadences of the chords nothing dominates on this jazzy number brimming with sex-appeal.

Tommy Z and the band have created a blues album that will warm and grace any record collection


Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Tommy Z  – Blizzard Of Blues – South Blossom Records

Track Listing

1. Lovergirl
2. Going To A Party
3. Memory OF Love
4. Blues For KP
5. Bags Of Cool
6. Blizzard Of Blues
7. Miracle
8. My Eyes (Keep Me In Trouble)
9. Al’s Groove

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