UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern



Long before the 10th September 2018 dawned the excitement of holding the 4th UKBlues Challenge in The Cavern Club, Liverpool was causing a wave of anticipation throughout social media. On the 7th September slowly increasing in numbers a frame appeared on Facebook. People showing their support by having their profile picture framed with I’M SUPPORTING  THE 4TH #UKBLUESCHALLENGE.

The atmosphere was redolent with the past glories that have been played out at the original Cavern. Tourists were buzzing, selfies were being taken as the board of UKBlues Federation set the space up. The bands arrived full of energy and expectation. The sound guys did everything to ensure the sound checks went smoothly. The venue was in the WiFi free zone of the basement dark and already hot. The mood was electric, as the queues formed outside of blues fans who were delighted to be spending a Sunday afternoon with five bands that representing the variety of angles across the U.K today. Bringing the Blues back to the Cavern 60 years on…

The five bands were given thirty minutes to play the music they love and to get the chance to represent the UK in Memphis at International Blues Challenge and in Hell, Norway at the European Blues Challenge; stepping into the shoes vacated by Kaz Hawkins Band who won and went on to fly the flag of modern Blues being played and enjoyed by diverse audiences. The judges were ready and waiting. The six wise listeners who all love the blues as artists, promoters and DJ’s. The Six were, Victor Brox, Connie Lush, Rosy Greer, Kaz Hawkins, Chris Powers and Nick Westgarth.


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The five bands now knew the running order


The venue was, hot dark and steamy. The audience on the edge of their seats with anticipation as Ashwyn Smyth (Chair UKBlues Federation) opened proceedings. With Elles’ first note the 2018 challenge was underway.

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The CavernElles Bailey debut album is aptly named Wildfire. Elles and her band were like a wildfire burning up the stage. They filled their thirty-minute set with a windswept melee of originals. With country Blues rocked up everyone knew that this was going to be a great live session of blues interpreted by a rising star.  The set was polished as the musicians surrounded her with a hug of sound for Elles to bounce from and deliver the lyrics.  First, up is always difficult. Elles used every note to her advantage setting the bar very high.  The audience whooped and cheered they loved the set. The bands following knew that they had to do not their best but their very best were they ready for the challenge?

Next up with a quick changeover, were The Rainbreakers.  This is rocky blues full of panache and UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavernswagger. Ben on vocals and lead guitar was on fire. His rocky blues electrified the audience. Playing with passion, determination and driving the blues home. They were enjoying their moment, as they interspersed the rockier edge with slower numbers showing the deep blues depths that are the undercurrent fueling the Rainbreakers.  Their number Heart of Gold certainly stood out. A performance that the audience really enjoyed as they warmed to this young band from Shrewsbury who left them wanting more.  The performance like Elles Bailey gave the judges plenty of food for thought.

The energy and fantastic performances that all five acts put in were spell bounding. Anyone of the bands could have represented the UK in Europe & USA. The commitment they demonstrate to Blues and live music is astounding, between them they had driven over 1,000 miles to get to the Cavern and had the prospect of the return journey at the end of the event

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The CavernUKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The CavernNext up, were the winners from the eight bands that played at The Great Rhythm and Blues Festival over Bank Holiday weekend as part of the Jessica Foxley Unsigned Acts project.  Introducing the band was Paul & Margaret Foxley, Robert J. Hunter had only a couple of weeks to prepare as they brought their urban blues to the Cavern. Like the other bands, they were so excited to be playing at such an iconic venue.  A trio that delivered an authentic modern blues sound.  The vocals at times overpowered the sound which is a small point as the sound they were creating was rollicking fun.  Another act that smiled and delivered the blues and gave the judges something to ponder over.

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The CavernThe fourth band of the Challenge was LaVendore Rogue. What a stellar set, Joel Fisk once again demonstrating his skills as a blues guitarist. You can always count on front man JoJo to put on a show and tonight they did. The audience reaction was loud and excited them. They were lapping up the music that the band delivered. Not pure blues but every song has deep roots into the heritage of the blues from Charlie Patton and beyond.  Leaving the stage the judges had another band to consider before the final act that had to follow that barnstorming session.

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The CavernLast, but definitely not least was Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. Stylish, sophisticated blues with a jazzy edge. High-quality authentic blues. The title track of their current album, This Is The Life I Choose captured the life and motivation of musicians who play their music live.  Their performance of Angel of Mercy was one of the best I have ever heard Zoe sing and Blue Commotion were spot on with every note and the crafted spaces. What a rousing finale and I am so glad I was not a Judge.

Five Acts, raffle tickets about, prizes handed out and the success of the Minute auctions. The final votes had been counted and verified.

The Winner is: …….. As Dave Raven and Ashwyn Smyth handed over the responsibility of presenting the trophy to last year’s Challenge winner Kaz Hawkins.  The baton, well stylish trophy really, was presented to LaVendore Rogue. They now will be representing the UK in Memphis and Hell.

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern

Closing the challenge with a party feel was a mighty jam. The stage was filled with the winning band, joined by Connie Lush, Kyla Brox, Kaz Hawkins and the mighty voice and trumpet of Victor Brox. What a resounding end to a challenge that will be long talked about as the blues sung out loud live at the Cavern once more.

UKBlues Federation Hosts Challenge at The Cavern


Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection


Ash Wilson played Broken Machine Live To Perfection at The Tunnels, Bristol. Grabbing the opportunity to thrill the audiences with live versions of the acclaimed debut album, Broken Machine.  Half of King King on Stage, Bob Fridzema, on his mighty Hammond enjoying playing live the music he recorded with Ash. Wayne Proctor of Drums who produced the album brings the power of his drumming and in-depth understanding o the structure and shape of the songs Ash wrote. Replacing Roger Inniss on bass we had the talents of Steve Amadeo completing the dream trio around Ash Wilson’s super blues guitar playing and crooning vocals.

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Ash’s guitar powered by his dexterous fingers, skillful use of his pedals and the amplification through his 633 Amp.

Ash has an innate understanding of the tonal shape and depth of blues. His blues are a mix of the calm before and after the storm and the wild full on fury and energy at its heart. It is his guitar that captures the excitement of an electric storm. Flashes of lightning a clap of thunderous sound and the cleansing of rain as he captures the blues ballad to perfection.

Opening, with Peace and Love, Ash came to The Tunnels offering a night rich with the power of lyrics and vocals wrapped up in stunning guitar skills. This trio of delights would have been left wanting something else and the bad he has surrounded himself with tonight did that with skill and clever twirls of Hammond chords, deep bass riffs and drumming the drove the number to the climax.

Everyone listening tonight knew that we were in for a musical treat making Tuesday in Bristol something rather special. Those that were there will tell friends and in future years everyone will wish they were in Bristol when Ash Wilson played Broken Machine. Live reinterpreting the tracks into full stage productions.  The title track of the album came alive. The extra lead breaks from Ash and Bob adding layers of texture and tonal interest that definitely got the attention of the ears.

The set was strong as there were no fillers on the ten strong tracks of Broken Machine. The Ash Wilson Tuesday machine drove on interspersing the set list with a couple of covers. The rendition of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killing Floor, he would have been delighted to have joined in the jamming take on this classic.

Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

No Ash Wilson set is complete without the powerful number Words of a Woman.  A great re-arrangement, adding a live sense of drama to this cracking number – it was a number you just didn’t want to end. Closing the first half we were treated to a Steve Amadeo bass solo and we were not Out of Time, there was a second helping of this intoxicating music.

Dividing the evening into two sets worked. A short interval gave everyone time to draw breath, and reflect on the music they have just heard live.  The conclusion was phenomenal, wow! Brilliant your ears must have been burning.

The second set kept the tempo and vibe electric. Opening with Hold On Now, we were we didn’t want to miss a single note being played.  The Hitcher has to be one of the stand-out tracks, epitomizes British Blues taking us on a road trip we all understand and can relate to. Like all the music tonight. The songs have a story personal with ghostly memories of hurts, frustrations, and joys from the past.

Holding Hands, gave Bob and Ash another opportunity to play a duet tonight they were relaxed as the evening was drawing to a close, having fun and entertaining.  What a night of live music, hints of Rolling Stones, oozing with haunting memories of bluesmen from the past and the electric draw of Hendrix. All wrapped up by Ash creating his own distinctive British sound. His voice has the power, can then be gentle, beguiling crooning just for you. On another number tempestuous with the guitar working overtime to reflect the song being sung. This was a Tuesday that will shine brightly in everyone’s musical memory box. The night Ash Wilson came to Bristol and played for us. In a personal way as he connects with the whole audience.  The only disappointments were the venue should have been packed with fans of quality live music and the music had to stop.

If you have an influence on festival lineups or venues, I recommend that you demand Ash Wilson before he becomes a British blues phenomenon that will be expensive to hire.


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Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To PerfectionRead Bluesdoodles review of Broken Machine. Vocals and Lyrics are the winning combination.  Added to this is the production which is crisp and the focused intent to take you on a musical journey of blues, contemporary and reflecting styles and textures through the Ash Wilson guitar. Another gem from Superfly Studios. READ MORE…

What  did Ash & Liz over at Bluesdoodles talk about when they had a chat early in 2017 READ HERE


Ash Wilson Played Broken Machine Live To Perfection

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition NowSave Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now


The Old Bush Blues Festival is a special weekend for many. Potentially being spoiled by the very few. The bureaucrats are turning the cogs, using their power make common sense be heard and acted upon. Make your voice heard by supporting Matt & Karen Williams.

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now! HERE

I declare Bluesdoodles has a vested interest. Not money but the feeling of attending a festival that is about music and friendship. I love taking the photographs, laughing and hearing old favourites play and then new bands that add to the flavour of the weekend. Bluesdoodles has a vested interest in the love of live music, fun and friendship.

Background to Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now!

In the case of Old Bush Blues Festival. Common-sense has gone out of the window and it is the views of the minority (just two people) who appear to be wielding the power in Callow End.  The majority have welcomed the re-opening of the pub as Matt Williams the previous Landlord twenty years ago returned to run the pub. The festival happens on one weekend during August, bringing visitors to the area, campers who spend money in the shop. The festival has a true community feel with fun at the heart of the weekend’s proceedings.

This year the third Old Bush Blues festival was held. What a success despite the worry that the objection by two neighbours regarding noise pollution caused. Matt a true professional dealt with the complaint putting in noise absorption and suppression, noise assessments and control, constant monitoring to the Malvern Hills District Council requirements and a dedicated telephone hot line for any complaints. Did the festival play on into the early hours – no, the music was finished by 11 pm. I know that if you walked up the lane to the main road running through the village the music was a faint background hum.

The two complainants live near the pub. Once again like so many music venues, people buy a place nearby and then complain about noise and inconvenience. If you want to be in a quiet area buying near a popular community Pub is not the best location for you.

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now! HERE

We want community pubs at the heart of villages. To make a business sustainable Pubs have to offer more than a dusty ale house with a decaying dart board in the darkest corner for entertainment. Old Bush Blues Festival one weekend a year is just such an enterprise that is making Old Bush Inn a popular place to visit.  To run the festival extra staff are employed, and Matt, has improved the pub inside and out making this an attractive Pub for Callow End to enjoy all year.


Live music has always been at the heart of village communities.  The garden in the pub is child-friendly, people can enjoy a drink and eat knowing the children are in a safe environment. Villages get a discounted ticket for the weekend. The festival brings a buzz to the village and in the past, many villagers loved the fact they could sit in their gardens and listen to the music. Not This year they complained. Two people are complaining ruining the fun and live music for the majority.

Stop the unfairness and support Matt & Karen Williams who want to run a successful business that includes a festival loved by the many.

Save Old Bush Blues Festival Sign the Petition Now! HERE

Show your support keeping music live, local and at the heart of the community.

Read Bluesdoodles ReviewsOld Bush Blues 2017  – Old Bush Blues 2016Old Bush Blues 2017



Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017



Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUD

Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUD

Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUD

Due to typical Welsh weather it made it very difficult for many people to attend due to the car park being bogged out and a situation with drainage.

So myself (Josh) and a good friend (Mark) have set up this funding project to help the amazing Steelhouse Team sort problems such as the above…

Plz donate as much or little you can spare as every penny donated will be used to make the necessary improvements to OUR AMAZING FAMILY ROCK FESTIVAL – BEST KNOWN AS STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL!

Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUD – 2017 was a wonderful festival but the Mud caused mayhem that did not overshadow the music BUT … Bluesdoodles had an awesome, wonderful Steelhouse 2017 the title of the review summed it up – Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates

Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUDMy poor boot will never be the same – in fact, Sunday morning saw boots being replaced. The organisers of Steelhouse feel the same. Things have to change Welsh Weather is changeable and unpredictable that i is the only certainty.  So Mark & Josh f have decided to set up a Fundraising goal of £5000 to help towards costs of Parking, Drainage and other things on site to help make our festival better and to help out the guys behind the scenes. Please donate and help us reach our goal! STEELHOUSE CROWD FUND

The money will help our Rock Festival family, let’s help the organisers and volunteers out with funding towards drainage, parking and walkway matting. There is no argument that Steelhouse Festival 2017 was an amazing year for all including the Festival itself. Selection of the shots what a memory!


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Due to typical Welsh weather it made it very difficult for many people to attend due to the car park being bogged out and a situation with drainage.

So myself (Josh) and a good friend (Mark) have set up this funding project to help the amazing Steelhouse Team sort problems such as the above…

Plz donate as much or little you can spare as every penny donated will be used to make the necessary improvements to OUR AMAZING FAMILY ROCK FESTIVAL – BEST KNOWN AS STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL!

Donate – share on Facebook & Twitter keep the energy and the music live and mud free at our favourite festival mountain – Steelhouse – Please donate what you can HERE keep music live.

Steelhouse Fundraising Rock Out and Shout NO MORE MUD

Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017

Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017


Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem

Old Bush Blues 2017



Rising to New heights of Perfection Old Bush Blues 2017. How? Matt Williams found the music and bought three days of live fun to Callow End.

Old Bush Blues works because they have a winning formula and does not mess about with the three tenants Live Music, Beer and Friendship’ whether this is your first, third or seventeenth having followed the festival from its old home in Bentworth.  Friday was a blinder two young bands getting noticed for all the right reasons, Elles Bailey and The Rainbreakers certainly had the festival hitting the ground running. The Old Avengers hit the spot with many, with a big welcome back for Ian Parker who entertained. Sam Anderson, of Sugar Mama and an Old Bush regular, gave a taste of the mayhem of frivolity and music that Sugar Mama will deliver on Saturday. As ever Tommy Allan’s Trafficker raised the pulses and excited the dancers. In fact, it was Tommy Allan and the boys from Five Field Holler who had filled the stage earlier and are seen around all weekend behind the sound desk. They certainly have a busy, productive weekend at OBB. Trafficker certainly lifted the vibe we were now in full on Friday night festival mode. The baton was picked up as the Tom Walker Trio applied their take on the blues. Energised with deep groovy bass lines with a touch of funk from Deano Bass, combining the rhythms with Nathan’s superb drumming that never takes the focus of attention from Tom. His vocals are full of power and tonal texture combined with the guitar this is how a trio should sound, full of depth with all members adding to the sound.  Tom Walker Trio is definitely everything a blues trio should be. With a mix of covers including a great version of John Henry and their own material, they hit the sweet spot.   Everyone now had shed the stresses of the week and were in the weekend mode that was about fun, laughing and being immersed in the blues.  The outside music finished at 11 pm; for those who wanted more music continued in the bar, festival goers had been spoilt with the quality of bands in the Bar, Garden, and Carpark stages.  With the outside areas covered the rain only added to the soundscapes, we all were hoping that the rest of the weekend would bring more sunshine than showers.

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Saturday morning of a festival weekend has that special quality of time slowing down and stretching out over the horizon. All that matters is the moment.  With my festival buddy, we kicked started the day with a pint and crisps from the bar. The selection is wide and with breakfasts available up to 11 before the BBQ takes over at midday until late and Curry night from 5-8 no one was going to go hungry or thirsty while they soak up the music on offer and enjoy the sunshine.  Saturday is hat day so the array of head-gear was varied adding to the festival fun before we all doff our bobble hats when bobble hour and Northsyde collide.  At the heart of the festival is the music. The beating pulse that heats the vibe is the friendships that are formed. This is what Old Bush excels in with plenty of seats you can listen and chat between the acts and still catch every note. Matt is here there and everywhere, having fun himself loving the music, enjoying the excitement and making sure at the same time everything runs smoothly. His staff are as ever helpful with a ready smile.


The music on Saturday certainly started in festival mode as Richard Clarke stepped in while Steve Whalley set himself up after a late arrival. The curse of Motorway delays had struck but slightly later than planned Steve Whalley delivered his branding of the blues, deep down below the Dixie line where the weather and music steams with sultry intend. Into the mix they included a number about a Pill Box Hat perfect for Hat Saturday; with solid glass slide playing perfect Saturday afternoon music for a festival in a pub garden and the sun shining. Stage changes and the blues moved into the city with Chicago 9.  One thing for certain blues is a flexible beast and Matt knows when selecting the bands he needs to change the tone. We are putting the electric flow into the beat and the mix of classics and their own numbers pleasing the crowds and dancers alike.  Now Matt changed the tone with blues that rocked as Stuart James Band enthralled with an eclectic and interesting mix of classics. They had reached out and explored the depth of music that suited the beefier sound of the band. When you add rock you are walking a tightrope and they definitely landed on the side of the blues with the mix of SRV; Aynsley Lister, Talking Heads and Rory Gallagher.

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Now treated with a complete change of tone with a festival favourite Lucy Zirins. This year with her band Southern Comfort we now had the singer songwriter colliding with  Americana; weaved together with a the smile and charm that defines Lucy today complete with the ends of her locks dyed purple.  Calming the festival down, we are now mellow, replete with an afternoon of music that made us smile. No Old Bush Blues festival would be complete without a set for these two bands. Northsyde, time to put on bobble hats and enjoy the feast for our ears that is a Northsyde set. The quartet fizz with a latent energy, they capture the heart soul and body of the song. Lorna’s vocal powers through the lyrics adding grit to the sound pulling out the sweetest hooks from Jules beautiful red guitar. His lead breaks make you weep with the pure pleasure that is floating from the stage. The power rocks from the rhythm section from funky Ian ‘Doby’ Maurico’s bass and Hadyn’s drumming. Northsyde has the bobbles bobbling dancers and everyone to the feet making OBB a hot festival as they weave there magic with tracks from Storytellers Daughter and the back catalogue of delights and the obligatory Whipping Post.  Joining the band for one night only in a guitar duel was young guitarist Marcus Praestgaard-Stevens.  He took the challenge and dueled with Jules old school, matching note for note and raising the challenge. With a winning smile the dexterous manipulation of the six-strings this is a blues guitarist that has the potential to challenge the best. We will see him again on stage this weekend.  How do you follow the powerhouse that is Northsyde with their awesome set that alights the festival. It has to be Sugar Mama.  The set was energetic, so get ready to boogie with the infectious beat as we dive into the Summertime Blues. This is a set that adds to the discography of the weekend as we are immersed into Tainted Love from Soft Cell, Van Morrison’s Gloria. Oh Well from Peter Green was superb and Talking Head’s Psycho Killer. What a set the energy was Electric, a name they played under for a while. This is three young men who know how they deliver music that overflows with superlatives.  Joined by Marcus and then Jules Fothergill we were full of music as the sound was stilled and the night drew to a close.

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Sunday. The morning after the night before. Matt has the perfect antidote – Kyle and Shaw. They are the opening act every Sunday with a combination of guitar and bass they drift along with perfectly timed blues soothing the soul and making all right with the world, especially at OBB on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  As we sit relax soaking up the sunshine, friendship, and music to feed the mind Kyle & Shaw are followed by Steve Brooks. We are now hyper-chilled. Then with a boom, we are bought back to the reality that we are at a festival with Paddy Maguire Band. This is blues that rocks you into a vibrant party mode with Jenna on vocals that power through the Old Bush and guest guitarist Paul Lamb from Detroit beefing up the tone.  With the bar playing music and the Del Ray Rockets bring the jive back with rocking good party, a move that meant the festival was now awash with smiles. La Vendore Rogue pulled no punches with an imaginative take on blues full of gothic mystery. With songs about The Chemist and every other subject they can weave into their roguish approach to live music. With a new bassist joining the band adding to the rhythm section and Stephen ‘Percy’ Cutmore’s distinctive drumming, Warren’s keyboard that pulls in the melody captured in the Hammond’s chords. The heart of LaVendore are without doubt Joel Fisk on guitar the licks and riffs are full of purity of tone and little surprising kicks mirroring the vocals, and  JoJo Burgess their charismatic and beguiling frontman who pulls the crowds in like the showman he is. He tells us tales including one about putting the bins out, building the tension by adding a bit more to the tale with each rendition before closing out with Mrs Jones and they left the stage to resounding cheers. LaVendore Rogue ensured the festival kept smiling despite the weather not behaving. Troy Redfern then added to the layers of blues full of deep slide and a sharp tone full of controlled power. The festival on Sunday night was hot with the power of live music. Closing out the festival Jules Benjamin, the MC across the weekend pulling the good time feel that will last long after the marquees have been tidied away and the pub returns to being a Country pup once again.


Now. If you want to see Elles Bailey, The Rainbreakers, LaVendore Rogue plus Zoe Schwarz Blues Commotion and the winner from the unsigned Jessica Foxley Acts playing over the Great British Rhythm and Blues Weekend in Colne, then put the UK Blues Challenge, run by UK Blues Federation in your diary – 10th September 2017 at the Cavern Club, Liverpool.

Old Bush Blues 2017 once again is a perfectly formed combo of music, food, camping and fun with a capital F.  This is achieved not by magic but the hard work and commitment from Matt and his team of staff. Thank you, Matt, already counting down the days to August 2018.

Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017







Line up
Luther Grosvenor
Lavendore Rogue

Chicago 9
Troy Redfern
Steve Whalley
Richard Clarke
Elles Bailey
Steve Brookes
Kyle and Shaw
Paddy Maguire Band
Lucy Zirins
Stuart James Band
Tom Walker Trio
Del Ray Rockets
Howlin Matt
Jules Benjamin
Some Haunted Souls
Five Field Holler
The Old Avengers
Tone Tanner

High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones

High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones


High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones


High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones bringing double joy from the blues power that is JW Jones: New Album High Temperature released Friday 20th October 2017 plus touring the UK throughout November and December 2017.

“His evolution as a musician and vocalist shine through on this record like never before. Real songs, real playing by real people. JW is the real deal.” 
–  Chuck Leavell (The Rolling Stones)

JW Jones, the award-winning Canadian blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter, will release his new album “High Temperature” on Solid Blues Records via Proper Distribution in the UK and Europe

“High Temperature”, produced by Nashville-based Colin Linden, recently won “Best Self-Released CD” at the 2017 ‘International Blues Challenge’ (via Blues Foundation in Memphis), and was also named the ‘Hot Shot Debut’ on the Billboard Top 10.

“High Temperature” is the follow-up to JW’s JUNO Award nominated 2014 album Belmont Boulevard”, which was nominated for a Maple Blues Award, and held the #1 position on Canadian roots radio stations for 13 weeks.

Bluesdoodles saw JW Jones live last year. Wow what  a show, thoroughly recommended  Do Not Miss Him This Time.  “Swansea heard and felt the sinews of blues emotional magic weave around the venue tonight. Come back soon JW Jones”Read what we said HERE.

Belmont Boulevard Review from Bluesdoodles HERE

High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones



Worthing Pavilion
Thursday 23rd November 2017
Book Tickets:
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 01903 366 017

Cellar Bar, Bear Hotel, Devizes

Friday 24th November 2017
Book Tickets:
Venue: 01380 722 444

The Thunderbolt, Bristol
Saturday 25th November 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 0117 373 8947

Mr Kyps, Poole
Sunday 26th November 
Book Tickets:
Venue Box Office: 01202 748 945

Marr’s Bar, Worcester
Monday 27th November 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 01905 613 336

Robin 2, Bilston

Tuesday 28th November 2017
Book Tickets:
Venue Box Office: 01902 401 211

Wednesday 29th November 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 01482 317 941
Venue Email:

The Musician, Leicester
Thursday 30th November 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 0116 251 0080

Pizza Express, Maidstone
Friday 1st December 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 
01622 683 548

Borderline, London
Saturday 2nd December 
Book Tickets:
Book Tickets:
Ticket Hotline: 0844 847 1678

 Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms   – “Edinburgh Blues Club”
Sunday 3rd December 
Book Tickets:
Book Tickets:
Email contact: 

Waterfront, Norwich
Tuesday 5th December 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 01603 508 050

Brighton Komedia

Wednesday 6th December 2017
Book Tickets:
Venue Box Office: 01273 647 100

Southampton Talking Heads

Thursday 7th December 2017
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 02380 361 970

Keighley Blues Live

Friday 8th December 2017
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 01274 562 252

Glasgow Sleazy’s
Saturday 9th December 
Book Tickets:

Newcastle Cluny 2
Sunday 10th December 
Book Tickets:
Venue Tel: 0191 221 2659

High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones

High Temperature Tour and Album with JW Jones

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates


Steelhouse family came together on a Welsh Mountain united by rain, sun and MUD! The glue binding us was live music and the super glue the brilliance of Bernie Marsden not once, not twice but all three days on the stage entertaining.  We had dragon magic gracing the festival that you climb up slowly to the top driving up a rough track to the top of a Welsh Mountain above Aberbeeg. The weather may at times be trying, we all know the welcome and cwtch from the Steelhouse volunteers will be full of warmth. So many memories for the music memory box, friends, brilliant bands Planet Rock DJs and the array of stalls to kept us fed and watered, the endless cuppa’s from Motley Brew hot and refreshing the gallons of Trooper consumed and the selection of cocktails. The festival is for everyone young and old, family friendly with a play area, camping, glamping and merchandise. We may only be in each other’s company for a few days but the friendships forged last forever.


Bluesdoodles, Liz Aiken could not make Friday night, rain, parking and other issues conspired against her. Nothing though was going to deter us from getting to the festival on Saturday that started warm and sunny with the weather for now set fair. We missed Free Friday, but those who got here in time were entertained with Revival, the awesome Hand of Dimes joined by Bernie Marsden already a festival favourite and Trucker Diablo.


The two bands that open the show were local bands, Saturday, Florence Black & Texas Flood on the final day all setting the bar high rocking the show for the first notes always a challenging slot and they got our attention. Then the new line-up from Tequila Mockingbyrd who flew the flag for women and rock Steelhouse know how to weave the line-up reflecting styles of rock and peoples different tastes.

So many thoughts whirl around as I edit the photographs, the excitement that the festival has left spilling over to Monday, continue to be motivated as the work continues listening to the music that fuelled the weekend, Steelhouse 2017 delivered the best line-up ever and it was a triumph. Music for all tastes across rock. There are always bands and for everyone the list will vary for us at Bluesdoodles it was Rival Sons, Last In Line, Monster Truck, Stone Broken, Broken Witt Rebels, Jared James Nichols, Wayward Sons, Saxon and the hero of the hour Bernie Marsden across the festival Friday, Saturday and the unplanned return on Sunday. The list is a mix of styles, ages and experience the common link was quality, performances.

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesStone Broken bought a vitality, energy and love of performance to the stage, heating up the atmosphere. The set was played out with every note played and song sung confirming the meteoric rise from a self-funded album to the band they are today.  The journey has just begun they will soon be headliners wherever they play, why the crowds will demand it the Broken Army will not be silenced.  With a follow-up album to debut All In Time tantilisingly close live performance will keep us entertained until the release date early 2018. Every fan is waiting in anticipation which will just build and build, with every performance and radio play. Stone Broken play the music rock fans want to hear. Every time they play live they grow in stature tighter, more confident. Everyone’s day is brightened by Robyn’s infectious smile and drumming.  Rich leading from the front energised with vocals that demand to be listened to. Chris & Kieran, guitar and bass creating the sting in the tail with the strings ensuring there is nothing broken about Stone Broken. They nailed it at Steelhouse 2017.


Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesMonster Truck, were monstrously good, the guitar sound is loud and we are pulled into the hot atmosphere they create. It was so hot it was as if the rain vapourised before it hit the ground! Awesome sums up the performance lifting the crowd’s mood into the stratosphere.  The set included all the numbers you want to hear live from Sittin’ Heavy as we heard staggering vocals, hard rhythm and licks that curl around the stage and cascade across the field in melodic delights.  There will be other bands but for now it doesn’t get better than this performance or will I eat my words?

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesHaving never heard Last in Line live, this was a band I was looking forward to having listened to Heavy Crown, loud and often since reviewing early in 2016. The band named after Dio’s second album carried the torch shining high and burning bright with a set that was full of Dio classics. The two orginal members of Dio’s band Vinny Appice on Drums and guitarist Vivian Campbell are joined by vocalist Andrew Freeman, Phil Soussan on Bass an keys from Erik Norlander.  They delivered adrenalin fuelled rock that pounded the mud and the sound that was Dio. Andrew’s vocals were reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio. The rain did not wash away the sound and atmosphere of a festival that was now rocking as the skies darkened on the Saturday.


Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesSunday dawned bright and clear with blues skies and warm sunshine we all knew the music was going to be hot. The Sunday came alive as Broken Witt Rebels may have opened with Low from Georgia Pines but the music took us to new highs. Danny Core’s vocals are outstanding they pierce with a depth of emotion. The feel of the guitar sound tinged with blue, heated by southern rock from James Tranters lead guitar. The sound builds with tambourine and rhythm added by Danny and a rhythm section that burns the groove as Luke Davis and James Dudley join forces. This is a young band who are growing in stature as with every performance the layers of polish are burnished, the beat tightens and the sound gets bigger, bolder as the Broken Witt Rebels blow the mist away through Georgia Pines, what a Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Matesnumber.  They were quickly followed by the guitar-led blues-rocking power trio of Jared James Nichols. The talent of the guitarist who is making a name for himself as he flashes his prowess with the six-strings, this set was the most guitar-dominated set of the weekend.  Another young performer who never fails to deliver, always improving developing the Nichols tone and sound. Building on his album and the last EP Highway Man.

A new band, Wayward Sons that has every one talking. Why? It is a Toby Jepson band this, the bands third gig and first festival appearance, did not disappoint. The opening was intriguing as we entered the Twilight Zone before the opening line of Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas and then the band stepped on stage.  With a debut album out in August, Ghosts Of Yet To Come the sound we heard was grittier this is a rocky sound that sets quivers of an earthquake erupting through the audience on top of a mountain.  As to be expected Toby’s vocal shone through the rain drops With the Little Angels – Young Gods – song dedicated to Alan Nimmo, who to many people’s disappointment was not swirling his kilt with King King on a mountain. The whole Steelhouse family wish Alan a speedy recovery.

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesRival Sons, well worth the wait in the mud and rain they delivered with music that sears the heart and soul. Jay Buchanan’s voice is always stunning as he strode down the stage in rolled down wellies he captivated – what a band. The only slide guitar of the weekend cascading notes swirled across the mountain courtesy of the slide of Scott Holiday. The rhythm and structure added a depth of tone thanks to David Beste and Michael Miley. There is nothing hollow in the bones of the rock they deliver every track has something to say with sweet licks, righteous riffs and lyrics that draw you deep into the heart of the music Rival Sons are simply electric.

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesClosing the festival with lights, pyrotechnics and a metal eagle Saxon left their mark on the mountain once again.  A band that the fans wanted to see many so excited seeing a band that was one of the first bands they had seen back at Steelhouse once again. The rain did not deter Biff as he strode down the runway kneeling on a towel and rising again hands aloft uniting with the fans as he sang in the rain. The festival went wild as Biff sung to them Battering Ram soared out across the mountain quickly joined by many classics Princess Of The Night & 747 Strangers In The Night. By now there were no strangers in the crowd, we were united by music, mud and Steelhouse friendship.


Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and MatesCometh the hour cometh the man. Steelhouse 2017 it had to be the one and only Bernie Marsden.  Scheduled to play with Hand of Dimes of Friday and the acoustic set on Saturday that was a delight. With King King having to pull out there was a yawning gap. Hand of Dimes stepped in with Bernie on electric guitar that was exciting but this was the Steelhouse Band with two special Planet Rock guests.  Hand of Dimes always popular and they know how to please as they add keys and harmonica to Nev’s special brand of rock. Nev was back on stage with Bernie Marsden joining after a couple of Hand of Dimes numbers to massive cheers of Bernie, Bernie!! Hand of Dimes has a new album out Raise so we heard Guilty and Pin-Stripped Arrogance, what a band. Then we had the change as Ian Danter took control of the drums and Darren Redick on Bass for a couple of numbers this is what festival magic is all about memories never to be repeated. The ‘cover’ of Whitesnake classic Here I Go Again was superb vocals from Neville McDonald took the roof of if there was one! Bottom of Form

The heroic Steelhouse Band created a great atmosphere what fun a pleasure for everyone listening to Hand of Dimes and friends over the Bernie weekend.

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Then if I could only pick a band it would be  a toss-up between Rival Sons and Broken Witt Rebels both were superb the vocals stunning, out I have made the rule only one band so it will be Rival sons, why? Soul made me cry as I was absorbed by the music an even stopped photographing during Electric Man.

Steelhouse 2017 raised the bar in terms of music and fun we are counting down the days until Steelhouse 2018. Thanks once again to the band of volunteers and Mikey and Max  who make sure we all have a wonderful Mountain top festival.

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Steelhouse 2018 the clock is ticking ! show your interest and keep to-date on Facebook Event

July 27th – July 29th 2018

Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018


 Following Joe Bonamassa’s successful tour including two sold out concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall in April 2017, the celebrated blues-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter, is pleased to announce that he will return to the UK in March 2018 to perform seven concerts.

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018

Dates include Cardiff Motorpoint Arena (March 9), Manchester Arena (March 10), Carlisle Sands Centre (March 11), Aberdeen GE Oil & Gas Centre (March 13), Gateshead Sage (March 14), Birmingham Genting Arena (March 16) and Brighton Centre (March 17).

Tickets will then go on general sale at 9am on Friday 14th July from TICKET MASTERS and JOE BONAMASSA 

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018


The March 2018 UK tour will feature Joe alongside a hand-picked group of world-class musicians playing material from Blues of Desperation, plus classic Bonamassa fan favourites.

Bluesdoodles loved the album “This is the first time Bluesdoodles has given Joe Bonamassa a 10 this is an inspired album that hit my blues-spot. This is a new approach more muted deeper tones, the result a powerful statement an album with direction and purpose.” READ what we said in Full HERE

Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018
24 HOUR TICKET HOTLINE: 0844 844 0444

Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena                          Friday 9 March

Manchester, Arena                                         Saturday 10 March

Carlisle, Sands Centre                                   Sunday 11 March

Aberdeen, GE Oil & Gas Centre                Tuesday 13 March

Gateshead, Sage                                              Wednesday 14 March

Birmingham, Genting Arena                       Friday 16 March

Brighton, Centre                                              Saturday 17 March

Joe Bonamassa Vintage Extravaganza Enthralls Colston Hall

“I just wish we were standing as this was not music to sit to, as the show drew to the last three numbers Joe, simply signed for the crowded auditorium to stand. We did and then the music became even more scintillating and the energy rose to another level.”
 – Bluesdoodles

“An excellent set, featuring mostly self-penned compositions, but some covers thrown in including Led Zep’s Boogie with Stu and rock classic Hummingbird, made for a fantastic evening’s entertainment.”
– Sheffield Star

“His soloing was, as you would expect,
immaculate and his vocals right on the money.”


“Bonamassa has to be heard and seen to be believed.” 
Bristol Post

 “The best guitarist on the planet at the very top of his game.”
– Liverpool Echo

“Bonamassa’s recorded output has been nothing short of extraordinary – there doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t handle … Hugely impressive.”
– Acoustic Magazine


Joe Bonamassa Back On UK Tour March 2018

LaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

LaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues ChallengeLaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

LaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge



BD: firstly, thank you for taking the time out to chat about participating in the 4th UK Blues Challenge, Blues, your music and more.

LVR: It’s our pleasure – we’re thrilled to have been put forward for the competition!

BD: 2017, sees the fourth UK British Blues Challenge.  This year the UKBlues Federation are “Bringing The Blues back to The cavern 60 years on..” Tell us what it means to LaVendore Rogue to have been nominated to participate in the challenge with the chance of representing the UK in Hell, Norway and Memphis U.S.A in 2018?

LVR: We’ve been to hell and back a few times over the years, and playing in the states has to be a dream of any UK musician, so it’s an honour to be considered for the UK British Blues Challenge – we’ve been working hard over the last few years, and it’s great to see its been recognised by the UK Blues Federation.

BD: What are the Blues to LaVendore Rogue? Do you feel British Blues has a different feel to what is being currently produced in Europe, United States and elsewhere in the world?

LVR: A lot of the biggest British Bands in history started off playing Blues but took it somewhere else. Just look at The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.  Nowadays, it seems a lot of UK acts lean towards the heavier Blues Rock side of things, which is perhaps reflective of the US artists who took their influence from the 60’s Blues Boom. Whereas in Mainland Europe there is real wide variety of artists such as the Dawn Brothers or Daniel Norgren who are doing something different, but still with its roots in the blues. Obviously the US is where it all began and it’s good to see that despite the influx of “Blues Rock”, they are still producing artists who take their influences from early American Music, people like Blind Boy Paxton or the Carolina Chocolate Drops and even Mud Morganfield.

LaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues ChallengeBD: Your latest album is A Night In The North, LaVendore Rogue live in a Blues club; tell us a bit about your album and the reaction your interpretation of blues is received by audiences?

LVR: We recorded the album at Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club in January. We didn’t plan on doing so, until 10 minutes before show time, and we’re all really pleased with the result. Joel mixed and mastered the album, and we feel it’s the best thing we’ve done to date. Certainly the most honest.

We were keen to include a cross-section of everything that’s influenced us and that we’ve done, so the album goes from pre-war Blues (“Oh Death” by Charley Patton) to the 60’s British Blues Boom (“Get Off Of My Cloud”, by The Rolling Stones) and includes several Hokie Joint songs too (“Chocolate Cake”, “The Way It Goes…Sometimes”). Oh and obviously there’s some LaVendore Rogue material in there as well. To keep things fresh, there’s also a couple of new songs on the album too.

When we first started as LaVendore Rogue, the reception was mixed, although people generally either love us or hate us. However we’ve worked hard to put together a set that will appeal to lots of people, including ourselves. Songs such as “Chocolate Cake” and “Oh Death” always seem to receive a fantastic reaction, so we’re obviously doing something right when it comes to honouring The Blues.

In our opinion, a lot of the British Blues Scene is leaning more towards rock music more than Blues and songwriting has been replaced with too many guitar solos. Although is good to see a broad spectrum of the blues taking part in the UK challenge.

However our focus is on songwriting and using a song as a way to tell story. At the end of the day, 99% of people go home from a gig singing a chorus, not a guitar solo.

BD: What do you feel The UKBlues Federation can bring to the UK Blues what would you like the Federation to be doing for Blues artists on the circuit in Britain today?

LVR: It’s very difficult for a band to gain much profile without a fairly large budget. We feel there are a lot of great undiscovered bands on the British Blues scene that aren’t getting the attention they deserve for one reason or another. In fact, many are far more interesting that some of the bands that are at the top of the ladder. As artists in our thirties we hope to playing for another thirty and perhaps the Blues Federation could play a pivotal role in bringing the blues to a younger generation, perhaps through schools workshops or through making connections in Universities.

BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing?

LVR: That’s a tough one…we all have very different tastes in music, in many different genres, so the result could be somewhat catastrophic!

BD: The band they would create is left to our imagination. Thank you for your time. The challenge at The Cavern on 10th September will be an amazing night of live music as we hear the five bands – LaVendore RogueElles BaileyZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion The Rainbreakers and the winner of the Jessica Foxley Unsigned to be decided at the 2017 Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival at Colne. Buy Your ticket here and be part of a great night HERE.

LaVendore Rogue Talks about 2017 Blues Challenge

July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad Touch

July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad Touch

July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad Touch


The anticipation had been growing day by day as June faded fueled by the release of (She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’ from the forthcoming King King album Exile & Grace. Having not seen the band we love to follow hear live, six months had past since we welcomed Alan Nimmo, Wayne Proctor, Lindsey Coulson and Bob Fridzema on stage. Before that moment Bad Touch had the task of warming an audience already hot with excitement.

July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchBad Touch filled the stage with charisma and the driving force of their Southern Rock, Rock n’ Roll energy and panache.  With Robert Glendinning back on lead guitar after a short sabbatical, adding his vibe to the quintet, and with the vivacious head of hair on vocals, Stevie Westwood; rhythm guitarist Daniel Seekings and a rhythm section drummer George Drewry & Michael Bailey on Bass they were on top form.  This was a set where they may have sung 99% but the energy was off the richter scale they wanted Bristol to have fun tonight. The slide guitar work from Glendinning cemented his role in the band and the interaction with Daniel Seekings had the guitars singing in a disorderly, melodic party of Rock n Roll mayhem.  Truth Be Told, the apt title of their latest album, the set was short, no time for small talk as they squeezed in every ounce of energy into the songs, we have heard on Planet Rock and Outlaw, every band should have a cowboy song.  The cheers were huge as Bob Fridzema joined in the last night party atmosphere at the Fleece to warm up before the main event. Bad Touch, turn every note into golden southern rock nuggets absolutely modern as they build on retro power; they are back on the road again very soon.

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July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchJuly Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad TouchA short break ensued allowing friends to catch up at The Fleece, and then King King stepped on stage the warmth flowed from the band and the crowded venue.  King King were back in Bristol and on fine form. We wanted to hear old favourites and be part of the lucky few to hear live the first single to have been released from Exile & Grace; (She Don’t) Gimme No Loving. Tonight they did not disappoint they gave us so much happiness, feeling of joy King King have the knack of pleasing the fans, leave us wanting more always something from the back catalogue we wished they had played.  Tonight they were happy to be on stage combined with a raw energy they wanted to play above the expectations of the fans and connect to those hearing the band the first time.

Alan’s smile was broad and genuine, not a showman’s face; with his red kilt , guitar in hand including a blue plaster over a cut finger he made every one welcome to Saturday night at  The Fleece.

The set comprised nine numbers plus Let Love In the encore we have come to expect and gives the audience the opportunity to be the community choir led by the kilted wonder that is Alan Nimmo.  The mutual joy was definitely shared on stage and in the audience

With a mix of numbers from the live and studio albums saw the welcomed return of Heavy Load. Originally a Free number given the Nimmo treatment his guitar work was as ever magical and the slight slip of the stings replicated a rare Free outtake! Alan chortled at the end of the song.  Interspersed were crowd pleasers that have become the heart of the bands DNA You Stopped The Rain and Long History of Love. The opportunity for the band to get funky and the audience to dance, despite being curtailed by space clap our hands on All Your Life. What fun with Bob’s hands as ever throughout the evening caressing the Hammond making it sing in harmony with Alan’s vocals that were on top form tonight. Into the mix the muscle of the rhythm from bassist Lindsay whose strings gave a rich depth of funkiness and Wayne’s drumming hitting out a vibe that showered The Fleece with percussive force and energy.

Then there was the first opportunity to hear (She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’. The cheers were rapturous before a note was played as Alan thanked everyone for buying the single so it was No.1 on UK Blues Chart.  The number is a perfect single, introducing us to the album Exile & Grace out later this year. The hooks are sharp, the lyric memorable and beat infectious. Rockier that many of their other numbers, the sound invokes sound of British Rock ‘n Roll with a definite hint of Thunder in the air. The single is 100% King King and will become a firm favourite as it is an ear worm of ticklish delight.

Having reviewed King King for many years two things always strike me after the show. Firstly; you are left euphoric the blues rock they deliver pleases the crowd, they always entertain. Secondly, King King connect to your soul, with a feeling of friendship, belonging to a fellowship cemented by this is why LIVE MUSIC has a special power every time.

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King King set List
More Than I Can Take (Standing In The Shadows)
Wait On Time (Live)
Rush Hour (Reaching For The Light)
You Stopped The Rain (Reaching For The Light)
Long History of Love (Standing In The Shadows)
Waking Up (Reaching For The Light)
Heavy Load (Standing In The Shadows)
Gimme No Lovin’ (Exile & Grace)
All Your Life (Take My Hand)
Stranger To Love (Reaching For The Light)

Let Love In


July Arrives with Live Music King King & Bad Touch