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June 22nd 2017

Well it is 11.43 I have internet. BT rang last night said they would  ring with update between 9-11am guess what sat by ‘phone – has it rung NO IT HAS NOT… So now waiting for another promised call at 4 pm today….

In the meantime I have my music published Elles Bailey stunning new album Wildfire her vocals are stunning! – Wildfire is hot with husky vocals blending roots sounds from Blues, country & soul set to be Voice of The Blues check out full review HERE   

The other exciting news is I am visiting Liverpool for the first time in September. Why? 4th UK Blues Challenge at the iconic Cavern club little bit excited.

Uk Blues Challenge Liverpool 2017

Four great bands, all of whom I have seen play live and reviewed albums in alphabetical order coincidentally starting of with Elles Bailey   her debut album Wildfire  – La Vendore Rogue the bands current album A Night In The North   – The Rainbreakers the bands current EP Rise UpZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion  the bands current album This Is The Life I Choose.  We have to wait a few weeks before the fifth band is known, in Colne over August Ban Holiday Weekend 25th – 28th August the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival is taking place. The band who wins the Jessica Foxley   unsigned musician performances that will be taking place each day will complete the set of five bands performing at The UK Blues Challenge 2017. For more information and to become a member of UK Blues Federation check out their web page HERE  . I do have an interest in UKBlues Federation as I am the secretary; that said it is exciting.

June 21st 2017

It is now 13.48 will internet stay connect after 14.02 is the question I am asking myself!

Summer Solstice and the sun is shining as a sun lover I am enjoying the warmth, though Othello is  finding it warm and is resting after early morning walks when it is cooler. Why the absence from the blog? I have been busy juggling the few hours I have internet against the hours when the BT Hub stubbornly refuses to connect. The frustration, annoyance and rage has been indescribable, with torrents of bad language. Awaiting the outcome; BT have identified a fault after numerous chats on line and phone calls. Al asking me the same thing asking me to reset etc. do they not have a joined up system so they can see the previous communication. No; seemingly that is asking to much from a communication company. Apparently the issue is now being dealt with by the fault department adn SHOULD be resolved in 48 hours, no rush then Sherlock; it may be sooner but who knows. I will get a phone call on Thursday for an update. Or will the saga go on it has already been months….

Now for the music, it must be the sunshine as since the beginning of June I have been giving out lots of perfect 10 doodle paws to albums:- these are the cluster of albums that stand out they are very diverse. Click the album for reviews.

Gov't Mule New Album Revolution Come...Revolution Go Nikka & Strings Soulful New Album Underneath and In Between Joe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall Acoustic Album


June 16th 2017

Well this week has been a week where the aim to blog on here everyday has been a totally under achievement! That is enough negativity as Bluesdoodles has been very busy.

We have posted exciting tours and a cracking new single Last Chance from Jared James Nichols – Listen HERE.  The albums we have been listening to demonstrates once again the music is exciting and diverse. For all tastes there is great music to be heard and enjoyed.  The wonderful Debbie Bond from Alabama is over in the  UK on tour with a wonderful single Winds of Change – check out what we said and go see her live if you can. HERE 

Click on the albums for the full review.

Gov't Mule New Album Revolution Come...Revolution Go

Other exciting news King King have a new album Exile & Grace and more tour dates – Check out the NEWS HERE

Away from the keyboard I have been enjoying the sun and looking forward to spending some time over the weekend with Arundhati Roy’s new novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness a lovely signed edition for my birthday. I have plans for net week, to be more organised and focused new week new to do list full of music and fun.

June 13th 2017

Well, I have been absent. First excuse, General Election and the fall out with chaos and uncertainty. for once daytime television was a fascinating example of people watching as analyst re-positioned themselves and tried to get some context into the situation of a hung parliament, and Brexit negotiations to be started with the week. The other excuse I had a Birthday to celebrate in the 12th so took couple days away from the keyboard and screen. Why? It was my Birthday on the 12th and felt I need some space as I drifted from my 62nd to 63rd year on Planet Earth!

So lots of Gin consumed, strawberries devoured and the odd glass of fizz good company and food have re-charged the batteries and ready to get back into the keyboard warriors saddle.

So first catch up on the plethora of emails, listen to new single  with its very apt title Winds of Change from Debbie Bond and share some exciting tours. This is what we said – Once again Debbie has captured the spirit of the Blues and distilled the music to send our a message for today.  read the rest HERE

The sun at last started to shine so feeling rather positive, some great gigs being planned for the rest of 2017 and we only looked at couple of venues in Bristol.

Shared tours by Jared James Nichols & King King  plus the excitement of a new album Exile & Grace loving the album cover.


The other exciting event was being offered paid work with LRPartnership; so will have some money  in my coffers makes a change. LRPartnership is an events company which is based in the Staffordshire area. We are a business with a no-nonsense, common sense approach. So looking forward to the new challenges ahead.


June 8th 2017

Today, is wet and stormy and General Election Day. This has been a strange campaign and now when every vote cast the answer will be known, one thing for certain the music will play on.  Do you ever get days when you just cannot concentrate, settle down well I do. Today is definitely one of those days. Started of when arrived home wet and chilled from taking Othello out. Changed then my mobile wouldn’t charge with error message about liquids. So though not wet I will switch on the back on. HELP! now have a blue screen saying DOWNLOADING do not restart. Just, doesn’t look right… panic no ‘phone is it dead, what has happened. Off to P.C. and asked trusty google. Found the answer on a very helpful page press volume and start button together. Ten long seconds and hurrah screen when black and re-started now working fine. An unnecessary distraction.  So I have stopped pretending to work and took time out with a good sort our of the bedroom, looking tidied, even behind the dressing table is dusted! Then started to make some bread which is now on its second prove fresh rolls for supper tonight and for lunch tomorrow. Brad making is so therapeutic. Now I am going to do some downloading of albums that have arrived in the in-box and through the letterbox  then down to some serious work, admin and reviewing four albums for Blues Matters magazine.

June 7th 2017

The sun has reappeared from behind the wet and dark grey skies.  Starting the day feeling uplifted as I walk the dog and meet up with friends the best way to start any day connecting with people you know, exchanging views, agreeing, disagreeing, laughing and crying together depending what life is serving up on our plates at that moment. The wind had blown over half of one of my rose bushes so out with the clippers and now I have a beautiful bowl of sweet and fragrant roses in my front room.

Now I have shown you pictures of Othello, roses and the view from the window of  Bluesdoodles HQ. I have to but the fingers to the key board and get publishing at last Feargal Sharkey interview that has been rather delayed plus a couple of CD reviews.  So let’s make the day count with productivity and feeling upbeat about the wonderful music being produced by the talented musicians across the U.K. and beyond.

Today, has been fairly productive just not focused new music arrives I listen get distracted need to have a plan – ideas on a postcard please!


June 6th 2017

Well we had a drier walk this morning but the wind made it very blustery.

Gov't Mule On Tour plus New Album Started the morning catching up with emails and publishing tours and new albums that definitely are ones Bluesdoodles want o listen too and write about. First the combination of Bad Touch with special guest Mollie Marriott announcing they will be on the road throughout November. More posts – With The Cadillac Three announcing New Album Legacy  then we hear about Revolution Come… Revolution Go  Gov’t Mule Album & Tour


The day was definitely full-on with chores and my blog Bluesdoodles made a lovely loaf of bread  – discussed politics the General Election is an integral backdrop to my life and many other s changing the shape of June as has the wet unseasonably wet and very windy weather. Watched the second part of the dark and heartrending gritty drama Broken. Made me realise as I looked around my home with food in fridge in freezer wine in the wine rack and time to read and reflect how fortunate I am I have the basics of life and so much more.

Today I will leave you with the video launched to-day summing up the solo album from Kaz Hawkins and why it had to be a perfect 10 doodle paws.

Kaz Hawkins – My Daughter My Reflection Feat AMY


June 5th 2017

Yesterday, the invisible Sunday we were busy away from the keyboard it is good to have timeout. Today, back in the driving seat,  after a very wet morning walk with Othello. Now to post news about exciting tours Erja Lyttinnen, Bad Touch and more being added to Bluesdoodles post. Interview with Feargal Sharkey  to be published, albums to review and a newsletter plus lots of work with UKBlues Federation regarding the forthcoming UK Blues Challenge being held at The Cavern, Liverpool. Theres is rising excitement as they say – UKBlues is delighted that the 4th UKBlues challenge will see UKBlues bringing the blues back to the Cavern 60 years on with great bands. This year five acts will be rising to the blues challenge in a quest to represent the UK at the 2018 European and International Blues Challenges. The bands are Elles Bailey; LaVendore Rogue, The Rainbreakers and Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. The fifth and final act will be a young band chosen by representatives of Jessica Foxley Unsigned at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival at Colne in late August.

The rain fell down what a dreadful day, the weather determined to drown out summer, solution was to turn the music up.

Published Beth Hart Tour, Erja Lyytinen Tour Dates, listened to Kaz Hawkins Solo album so different and is a delight ready to write the review tomorrow.

Well the to do list was ambitious and I still have lots left to do tomorrow.

June 3rd 2017

Today, started early and sunny as Kevin of to RSPB Wetlands in Newport where he volunteers on the 1st Saturday of every month showing young people the joys of nature. Today it is Moths and mini beasts. so his moth trap was out in the garden last night ( regular occurrence) lots of the winged critters in pots and in a cool bag to take with him by 7pm far to early for a Saturday!!!!

So I thought get an early start on Bluesdoodles switched on PC and massive Windows 10 update best laid plans and all that still don e just before taking Othello out for his morning run (his not mine you understand)

Back from sunny walk now going to spend couple of hours in the garden, though the early sunshine now hidden behind greying clouds. No more keyboard warrior for me going to have some fresh air and some gardening – music to keep me entertained – Kaz Hawkins solo album Don’t You Know; TajMo the power of Taj Mahal & KebMo; Porter Nickerson’s Bonfire To Ash and finally Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Lay It On Down these four albums are on the list for reviews and will be listened to whilst gardening making notes of thoughts in my handy notebook never far away

June 2nd 2017

Nikka & Strings Soulful New Album Underneath and In BetweenToday we reviewed a ten paw album, always a delight when the music hits all the right buttons. Nikka & Strings – Underneath and In Between Nikka Costa sings beautifully making everything number a sonic work of art on Underneath and In Between is full of classics delivered with spirited originality.- check out the video and read the rest of the review here

Then the time absorbing the start of re-organising and freshening up the site. If you have thoughts then let me know Bluesdoodles is always contactable by sending an email or check out and like our Facebook page to send a message. Bluesdoodles Facebook HERE

Shopping as ever was a start of the weekend chore now the meals are sorted and will be a tour of te world. Tonight Thai Salmon Fishcakes and salad rather tasty and healthy if you ignore the wine and then the chocolate but was scrummy.

Had some exciting digital post Bluesdoodles has been asked by the wonderful Kaz Hawkins to be the first to review her exciting new album – Don’t You Know. This is Kaz new solo project an dis  on first listen rather special. Full review coming very soon so excited and humbled to have such a privileged position. Bluesdoodles is such fun


June 1st 2017

Day One a new idea where Liz Aiken the human behind the website that is keeping you informed. As we say Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews.

You may think that every day is the same listening to music, typing my views posting and on to the next; with some gigs and festivals to add to the fun  I can tell you it is not. Life often interrupts plus to understand an album you have to listen a few times otherwise it is first impressions and that is so often not the impression you want to talk about on a review. So often the albums that are most intriguing that turn to be the favourite the album you return to is one that failed to impress on the first airing.

Today, the first day of a new month, first day of summer for Meteorologists and time for me to re-vamp the website; it is over due a refresh.

The day started with Othello having a walk the excitement of a brand new ball that stills squeaks makes his day happy and perfect. Wish we all could be pleased so easily. Then coffee lots of it; feeling rather tired, long drive back from Robin 2 made longer by the M5 closure and diversion still home safe and sound before 2 am. Then awake at 6 am as Kevin my trusty driver, note taker and so much more as the biggest supporter of Bluesdoodles has work to go to.

Fueled by coffee and energised by Eric Gale’s gig last night at The Robin 2 combined with a re-listen of the his latest album Middle of the Road.  I downloaded and edited the photographs and then compiled my thoughts combined with the notes Kevin took last night. To read what I said about him and the rather good Tom Walker Trio who open click over HERE You may be surprised how long this takes but worth it for every comment; especially when interspersed with hanging up washing and tidying up to minimise the chaos.

During the after listened to the rather good album from Nikka Costa; Underneath and In Between the rest is for tomorrow when the album is released.

Finished the day with a relaxing glass or two of Rose and an early night.