Melodic Rock Stalwarts HEAT Score Again going Into The Great Unknown

Melodic Rock Stalwarts HEAT Score Again going Into The Great Unknown

 “I thought this was a blues site” I hear you cry… yes it is, but without the blues, there would be no rock music & no apologies for covering the latest album by H.E.A.T. – Into The Great Unknown

Although far from blues, it does have references aplenty with some interesting chord structures not dissimilar to some of Gary Moore’s blues work.

It is a very good album for those who like the AOR/Melodic genre – think Joe Lynn Turner, Europe & latter-day Whitesnake & you’ll be on target.

The line up of Guitar: Sky Davis, Bass: Jimmy Jay, Keyboards: Jona Tee, Drums & Percussion: Crash, Vocals: Erik Grönwall make a damn good noise &, in a crowded Scandi-Rock scene, they are definitely in the vanguard. The vocals of Erik Gronwall are particularly strong reminding me of the aforementioned JLT but stronger & with more light & shade… sorry, Joe!

The opening track – full of “whoa, whoa, whoas” – goes by the unlikely title of Bastard of Society! Ludicrously catchy & well structured this (like We Rule with it’s lighter waving potential) has to be have been designed for full-on audience participation.

“Things ain’t pretty, down in Shit City” is the main theme of another truly melodic & well-executed song despite the strange title.

Blind Leads the Blind is the ‘heaviest’ of the bunch but still retains the melodic verse/chorus structure typical of the whole album.

Bowing out with We Rule – another anthemic riff, woven around by keyboards, finishes as we started with another catchy song (Justin Hawkins should listen to this one…). A damn good album for any rock fan.

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing:

  1. Bastard Of Society
  2. Redefined
  3. Shit City
  4. Time On Our Side
  5. Best Of The Broken
  6. Eye Of The Storm
  7. Blind Leads The Blind
  8. We Rule
  9. Do You Want It?
  10. Into The Great Unknown



Melodic Rock Stalwarts HEAT Score Again going Into The Great Unknown

Grainne Duffy Third Album Where I Belong Delights

Grainne Duffy Third Album Where I Belong Delights

This is Grainne’s third album having listened unless it’s by choice, it amazes me that a major label has not taken up this stunning talent. Now I am, by preference a stompin’, blues-rocking type and it may surprise some, that this is not as blues/rock biased as her previous releases, but this album is a pearl of quiet, beautifully performed songs. It deftly weaves a heartfelt tapestry of emotions. Recorded with the help of such luminaries as Doyle Bramhall II, this is a majestic, mainly acoustic journey through this lady’s heart & soul.

The new album,  Where I Belong kicks off with the title track, the lovely warm acoustic guitar washes across the background as Grainne’s voice (especially on the multi-tracked parts) takes hold of you and doesn’t let go. Whilst on Blame It On You sharpens the tempo with its gorgeous and far too short electric guitar solo which grabs as much as the lyrics. One word of caution if you have recently been parted from a loved one the track Don’t Want To Be Lonely will reduce you to tears… yes, she can put that much emotion into her voice and playing so that it feels as if it is your heartstrings she is stroking rather than guitar strings. A piano introduction followed by a guitar sound to die for leads us into the final track… the instrumental Canyon Road. Three minutes of such lyrical playing, that words would have been superfluous; a perfect demonstration of how to play the right amount of notes.

Grainne Duffy Third Album Where I Belong delights you, relaxed and full of rootsy Americana tones with one boot in the blues.  That hits the right places and fills the moments with a rounded sound showing a different side as rock is pushed to one side for the different side of Grainne Duffy. She is joined by a host of talented musicians including Paul Sherry with backing vocals and various guitars joining Grainne once again. With the rhythm section and piano add colour depth and shape to the stripped back approach taken by Grainne on the album.

Rather than dissect each track, it is easier to summarise by saying simply buy this album and, when the mood is right, lose yourself in a landscape of quiet country-infused soulful blues – you will not be disappointed. Why? Grainne pronounced Graw-nya; the red-haired Irish beauty delivers perfect country infused blues.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track List:

  1. Where I Belong
  2. My love
  3. Don’t You Wanna Know
  4. Home
  5. Shine
  6. All Of My Life
  7. Blame It On You
  8. Don’t Want To Be Lonely
  9. Open Arms
  10. Canyon Road


Grainne Duffy: Vocals, Lead Guitar/ Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
Paul Sherry: Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar/ Rhythm Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
Shawn Davis: Bass Guitar
Aaron Redfield: Drums
Tyler Chester: Keyboards/Piano


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Grainne Duffy Third Album Where I Belong Delights

Stomping Southern Rock Flavoured Good-time Band

Stomping Southern Rock Flavoured Good-time BandStomping Southern Rock Flavoured Good-time Band

Imagine an industrial strength music blender; tip in some ZZ Top, some Steven & the Seagulls, add a dash of Aerosmith, a soupcon of Cajun sauce & a sprinkle of bluegrass spice – set blender to maximum & watch it spit out… The Outlaw Orchestra. Still not clear? Try Brothers Osborne but with banjo & spoons! Yes, they are really that diverse a blend – an energy filled, stomping southern rock flavoured good time band. This is what you get on Dirty & Diesel  @ The Dugout high-octane fun.

They are a 4-piece band hailing from the Southampton area comprising David Roux – Guitars/Lead Vocals, Ryan Smith – Drums/Percussion/Vocals, Alex Barter – Double Bass/Vocals, Stephen Welch – Banjo & was for a short time known as Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra; having dropped the Dirty & the Diesel they still provide a mighty fine southern boogie on this release.

The first track kicks off with a solid groove based on a recurring mouth organ theme & sets the tone for a fun ride throughout. Hangin’ Tree starts off at a frenetic pace & this is where the spoons make an appearance – with the banjo to the fore, Deliverance inevitably enters one’s mind! Whiskey Drinkin’ Liar has a humorous, lyrical take on the perils of drink backed with the best backing banjo playing this side of Otis Taylor’s album Recapturing the Banjo (worth a listen if you appreciate this often maligned instrument). Chicken Bones, with its slide guitar intro & cowbell, is really fun.

The rest of the tracks follow the pattern with the true stand out being the 5 minute plus Brand New Day – a story of drink, money & relationship problems sound-tracked by some tasteful guitar & (at last) some tempo changes. With the distinctive vocals of David Roux, they are a cross between Bon Scott, Lemmy & Andrew McClatchie… this is a good thing.

The only fault with this intriguing album is the lack of true light & shade resulting in all of the tracks sounding little too similar. Stopping this live album from standing out from the crowd and achieving a higher rating. They are very active on the live scene & Facebook the live album is a taster, as the band have a new EP planned for release early 2018.

The Outlaw Orchestra – Dirty Diesel @ The Dugout – Independent

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing:

  1. Too Much Willie Nelson
  2. Hangin’ Tree
  3. Whiskey Drinkin’ Liar
  4. Another World
  5. Chicken Bones
  6. Voodoo Queen
  7. Burn the House
  8. Send Some Whiskey Home
  9. It Ain’t Right
  10. Brand New Day

Stomping Southern Rock Flavoured Good-time Band