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About & Contact Bluesdoodles

Bluesdoodles Home: The portal to Bluesdoodles reviews, critique and opinion of live and recorded music. Bluesdoodles also shares bands and artists on tour across the UK. plus snippets and artist that are worth your attention. Unconstrained by Genre: The constant is music that Liz Aiken can connect to – in the main – Blues; Rock; Folk and beyond. Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews

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About & Contact Bluesdoodles

 I am often asked – why Bluesdoodles – this is the answer!

About & Contact BluesdoodlesBlues – Two reasons – I love to have my hair an array of colours. The mix About & Contact Bluesdoodleschanges but you will always find some blue threaded through.  Blues the music that always inspires me and at the root of so much modern music.

Doodles – A wonderful labradoodle who appreciates good music & we doodle around the music scene. Othello is a very discerning dog when it comes to music. He has his opinions what albums make him leave the room (very few!), sigh and those special ones that make him sit up and listen.

The aim of Bluesdoodles is to inform, all opinions are subjective, So if you disagree let me know. The reviews of the albums are after listening not once or twice but a few times so that the album has been explored.  I love going out to live music, there are so many places to enjoy live music and festivals you will find reviews and tour dates. Liz at Bluesdoodles encourages people of all ages to go out and enjoy live music in pubs, clubs, small and large venues – there are talented musicians playing at accessible venues near you. Listen to new music, hear new bands from Blues to Rock through to Folk and Prog.


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If you want an album reviewed we love to listen to your music; if you want a live event review in the U.K.
If you want Bluesdoodles Photography to take your photograph, for Album covers, PR at a live event we are happy to give you a quote.

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Bluesdoodles is uplifted by the verve, energy and sheer pleasure of going and hearing live music.

About & Contact BluesdoodlesBluesdoodles
will not put music into a wooden box full of little boxes – we will describe but NEVER prescribe; if all music is trapped in a box but set free to be experienced by everyone. What we love, and dislike is what makes us different Bluesdoodles will write our independent reviews of Albums, Live music events and then there will be the interviews. All live music events will have photographs that reflecting the artistry of the musician caught and frozen in a moment of time. The majority of photographs used will be taken by Liz Aiken the rest by selected photographers.

Bluesdoodles loves the blues and roots music this was the musical backdrop
thanks to my father of my childhood added into the mix were my Mother’s love of country and classical music.

Now you know about Bluesdoodles, explore the pages, read, purchase the music and most importantly support live music in pubs, clubs, and venues near you – never heard the band or singer before going on to purchase a ticket you are going to have a surprise that could open a whole new world. All the big names started at a local venue and you could be seeing the next arena act where you can get close, chat and buy the merchandise from the artist themselves.

About & Contact Bluesdoodles