Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions


The sound is full of a swaggering confidence as the Belgian Trio, Triggerfinger struts out an array of sounds and styles across Colossus. Ten tracks, and thirty-five minutes to get acquainted with Triggerfinger the Belgium Rockers. The band have been building a reputation across Europe, USA and Canada. This their fifth studio album and a UK tour sees them hitting the UK, not with soft and scrumptious Belgian Chocolate but hard-hitting deliverance of rock. The album sees the band changing direction. How? By taking the time-out and mixing a Triggerfinger cocktail combining different sonics and styles into their mainstay rock. So Ruben Block, Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens did just that. Kicking themselves clear of their comfort zone, they built a studio and Colossus was born. Ruben Block said. “The previous albums were all built on roaring energy and the live interaction between the three of us. That was not our main concern anymore. This time the song would be king.  ‘Anything goes’, that was our motto. Acoustic instruments, samples, keyboards, percussion, two bass guitars: as long as they served the song, we were happy.” Did they achieve a mighty album for me it is a mix of yes and no.

With ten original tracks, they have allowed themselves to be immersed in their creative juices. What I can say with confidence is as you listen to the album expect the unexpected. If one track is not for you the next may be with you. The granite base of the band is rock into this like an experimental cocktail they have mixed carefully selected pieces of influences. From pop to punk and electro-sound effects. This is no smooth elixir of music.  It is a mix that challenges the listener. At times not accessible. They have followed their own muse never creating music with one ear on will this be commercial. This is a cocktail rough and smooth with undertones of sweet and a ripple of a bitter bite.

Opening with the title track, they take a giant leap after the initial voice-over of Wait! Wait! The wait is over they take us straight into loud, driving hard edge rock with a raw energy that puts down a marker we mean business, we are making our own musical statement. With no time to take breath w, delve into Flesh Tight. It is intense with lots of sharp edges and this is softened with a gentler pop-infused vibe. The two textures collide and merge into a cohesive number as Block’s vocals rule the lyric. Leading us to the third track what a trio to open an album with Candy Killer. Dark, chilling reflecting a tension as the atmosphere is thick with death. Not so much death by chocolate but by Killer Killer.

The mood of the album changes by Afterglow with it sonic shift shaping an opening that leads down an unexpected path. The track is stripped back acoustic. It is counter-intuitive to the rest of the album and acts as a full top to the first half of the album that has been dominated by deep bass from Van Bruystegem with its mix of funky chords and rock grooves, strident guitar and drumming on the beat.

Opening the second half with Breathlessness which is reminiscent of British rock of the nineties. The feel of Manic Street Preachers, but here they have made the sound their own. This is a rock number thanks to the gritty sharp guitar work from Block. The chords squeal and curl around the rhythmic drumming from Goosens.  The journey continues. The rock is tasty. The opening of Bring Me Back A Live Wild One catches your attention from the first to the last note. The vocals change tone and growl and howl. Then on a sixpence, the guitar strum changes to full-on electric fiesta with the vocals deeper and electro sonics. A song of two halves that somehow does not connect in the middle.

Closing out the album with an instrumental Woolensak Walk. Again with sonics that at first seem discordant moving away from the granite rock base. Then you realise we have been taken into a new direction with a wild country electric twang-infused with a bluesy riff. This is so unexpected as they have taken a Colossus step and got their influence to walk away from the album from across the Atlantic.   Let the silence continue as there is a hidden track, ironic, will make you smile and worth the wait.

Triggerfinger, are courageous. They have been bold and overall the direction of travel works. Is the album a giant among the albums released in 2017? No!. Is it an album that deserves a listen and will be enjoyed? Yes!   What it does show Triggerfinger on Colossus have been brave, creative and is allowing the sound to evolve rather than trapped in a retro groove.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Colossus
  2. Flesh Tight
  3. Candy Killer
  4. Upstairs Box
  5. Afterglow
  6. Breathlessness
  7. That’ll Be The Day
  8. Bring Me Back A Live Wild One
  9. Steady Me
  10. Wollensak Walk

Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions



Catch TRIGGERFINGER on the following dates:

Wednesday 4th October – Hope & Ruin, Brighton – TICKETS
Thursday 5th October – Key Club, Leeds – TICKETS
Saturday 7th October – King Tuts, Glasgow – TICKETS
Sunday 8th October – Cluny, Newcastle – TICKETS
Monday 9th October – Deaf Institute, Manchester – TICKETS
Tuesday 10th October – The 100 Club, London – TICKETS


Triggerfinger storms with an album of Colossus Proportions

UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush

UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush

UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush




UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush

We are both delighted and honoured to welcome the legend that is Connie Lush as an honorary member of the UK Blues Federation which will also see her being an Ambassador for UKBlues helping spread the word!

Connie needs little introduction to most on the UK blues scene where she is recognised as one of the finest Blues singers in the UK today having received many awards including five times “Best Female Vocalist UK” earning her a place in the Gallery of Greats, alongside Alexis Korner and Eric Clapton to name just two.  Her incredible stage presence and powerful vocals have also been recognized overseas as she was twice voted “European Blues Vocalist of the year” by the “Blues Trophies Awards”. However, pride of place must go to her award from the people of Liverpool for “Performing Arts”. And that’s just to date!!

Connie is also known as a songwriter, DJ and unforgettable performer. She continues her love affair with audiences everywhere, bringing her enormous gusto for life and music wherever she goes!  Blues is her business and business is good!

Recently, Connie was one of the panel of six who acted as judges at the 4th UK Blues Challenge which took place within walking distance of her Liverpool home at the legendary Cavern Club. She found being a judge a very hard job and great fun!

Talking about her new role Connie says ‘I feel very honoured and excited, to say the least!’

We at UKBlues are thrilled to have Connie on our team. She is such a significant figure on the UK blues scene and her association with us can only enhance both the profile and reputation of UKBlues.

We concur wholeheartedly with the late BB King who said of Connie:  “That woman makes my heart sing”



UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush

As we announced a little while back, Rick Palin, Managing Director of the Skyfire Promotions Ltd group of companies, recently joined the Board of the UK Blues Federation and we are happy to announce an exclusive offer from Skyfire for UKBlues members.

A three month PR project with Skyfire normally costs £950.00. However, for members of the UK Blues Federation, Skyfire are  offering a 25% standard discount off that price, permanently.

In addition, Skyfire will make a donation to UKBlues for each and every member who takes advantage of this offer so not only will members be getting a special deal but UKBlues will be receiving additional financial support to help us achieve our aims.

Rick comments: ‘’The UK Blues Federation as I see it is an important part of the future and past preservation of the heritage of blues music within the UK.

As a specialist in PR campaigns surrounding album launches, tour support and other areas Skyfire offers an extensive range of services with an 8-year trading history and impeccable references we certainly know the scene.

A PR campaign is vital to the success of getting your material out there to a worldwide audience of press and radio and if required we can even distribute but as most of you are aware this is sometimes a very costly process. Skyfire is geared towards helping support the artist and keeping the money where it firmly belongs, in the artist’s pocket.’’

To take advantage of this offer, you must be a member of the UK Blues Federation and details of how you can join can be found here.

Skyfire and UK Blues are working together to build a presence for the blues scene in this country.

UKBlues thanks, Rick and Skyfire for this very generous offer.

UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush


We are delighted to bring you details of a very special offer from Northern Ireland based Platform Media. This offer brings bands, venues, just about anybody who is looking for physical promotion material, a competitively priced package comprising a banner, flyers and posters with free shipping throughout the UK & Ireland.

UKBlues recently used the services of Platform Media for some business cards and we were very pleased both with the result and with the speedy and attentive service and support both through the design process and after we had placed our order.

To benefit from this offer you need to be a member of the UK Blues Federation and details of how you can join can be found here.

Our thanks go to the guys at Platform Media for both their assistance and this offer.

Thank you for for your support of UKBlues in what it is doing. Please do your bit by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues. Check out the benefits of membership and see why it is a great idea to join!

(See our website for details of more membership discounts, how to join etc.)


UKBlues Federation Become A Member Like Connie Lush

Wayward Sons Explore through Rock Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come

Wayward Sons Explore through Rock Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come

Wayward Sons Explore through Rock Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come

Debut albums are the calling card of any new band. Wayward Sons as they explore their brand of Rock on Ghosts Yet To Come deliver a gold-plated debut. If you have seen them play live you know what to expect high-octane vocal powered heavy melodic rock. If you are yet to catch the licks and riffs that define Wayward Sons welcome aboard as you explore Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come. The band vocalist needs no introduction Toby Jepson, as he flamboyantly uses his vocal prowess to curl around the guitar-driven

sound. Providing the backdrop of cascading power are guitarist Sam Wood, keys Dave Kemp and the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist Nic Wastell and Phil Martini on Drums. The band bring together an impressive collection of bands they have played and life on the rocky road of touring.

With the album named Ghosts of Yet To Come, are we looking forward into an apocalyptic landscape? No. This is an album like the ghost in Scrooge who is looking back connecting to sounds, politics and moods that have shaped the here and now. This is one-hundred percent rock n‘ roll back to the basics that have made Rock the tour de force for over sixty years in popular, crowd driving music.

Opening with Alive, Sam Wood’s mesmeric and powerful guitar catches your ear as Toby’s vocals take on the licks set down. You feel alive, well and kicking listening to Wayward Sons.  This is setting the trend of an album that is loud, determined, when needed raunchy and drenched in listenability. Ghost is the title track at the heart of the album. The bass line is deep dark reflecting the lyrics about consumerism and spending.  Summed up in phrases like “You got a First World problem we will take care of that”, “ Buy yourself a happy life with your plastic friend let them tie the noose as you spend….” I recommend listen once to let the music flow and fill your soul. Then again really listening to the lyrics this is an album with something to say.

All ten tracks add a voice and textured shape to the album. The bass is given centre stage to introduce I Don’t Wanna Go. Dirty grooves laid down thick with textured energy. Full of swagger and style this is a heavier track that you just have to agree I want to be a rock n roller and keep on listening to Wayward Sons. Killing Time, definitely the killer track of the album strong and forceful. Grinding rock that drives you on as the excitement mounts. Your inner soul ignites with the force of the power of rock.  To follow we are in a delightful Crush with Sam’s guitar taking centre stage as the inner Thin Lizzy is harnessed and let fly.

Closing out a majestic debut is Something Wrong. One thing for certain there is nothing wrong with Wayward Son’s debut album. In the studio, they unleashed the spirit of rock n roll and flew as Wayward Sons Explore through Rock Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come

What sets Ghosts Of Yet To Come ahead of many of the albums recently released is that it is an honest authentic guitar-driven rock with lyrics that have something to say. Rock n’ roll, raw genuine, inspirational and you just want to turn up the volume and listen again and again.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Alive
  2. Until The End
  3. Ghost
  4. Don’t Wanna Go
  5. Give It Away
  6. Killing Time
  7. Crush
  8. Be Still
  9. Small Talk
  10. Something Wrong
  11. Get Loose

Wayward Sons Explore through Rock Our Ghosts Of Yet To Come