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About Us – Getting To Know Bluesdoodles

Bluesdoodles: The portal to Bluesdoodles reviews, critique and opinion of live and recorded music. Bluesdoodles also shares bands and artists on tour across the UK. plus snippets and artist that are worth your attention. Unconstrained by Genre: The constant is music. 

Bluesdoodles Team

Bluesdoodles was established by Liz Aiken combining her love of photography and music but behind the humans are two dogs that are the true force behind Bluesdoodles


About & Contact Bluesdoodles
About & Contact Bluesdoodles

Topdog Othello – he loves the music and has very firm opinions – if he is really unhappy about the music he leaves the room!

Joining Othello is Bobbie keeping a firm eye on the proceedings as well


About Us – Bluesdoodles Purpose

Bluesdoodles explores music across the genres as we doodle around the Blues.  How?

  • Finding new releases and then taking pen to paper, well actually fingers to About & Contact Bluesdoodleskeyboards.
    Check out the albums reviewed by Bluesdoodles is easy.  You can either search the artist or album name. Or check out Recorded Music Reviews Page.  Just click the album cover the first insight into the album and you will be taken to the review.
  • Listening to bands and photographing them in action at gigs and festivals. Check out the sound and atmosphere by checking out our Live Music Reviews
  • Talking to the musicians behind the music we ask the questions so you can read the answers. They can be found over at Interviews
  • Finding Tours we bring you news of tours and links to tickets so that you can hear the bands live yourselves and form your own opinions Tours

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