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16th January 2018

Published today:


In Conversation Tommy Emmanuel with help from his friends

Black Rain falling on Mick Simpson Delivering A Blues Album




Mascot Label Group are thrilled to announce the signing of P.O.D. (Payable On Death), the San Diego, California based rockers, who, since their formation in 1992 have sold over 10 million records, embarked on hugely successful international tours, and had a series of chart-topping radio hits.

Over the span of two decades, P.O.D. have released ten studio albums, including the triple-platinumSatellite. They have had several hit songs, including “Southtown,” “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation,” and “Boom,” and most recently with their Active Rock singles “Higher,” “Beautiful,” and “Lost In Forever,” which reached #1. The band have been nominated for three GRAMMY Awards, racked up four #1 music videos, and contributed songs to numerous major motion picture soundtracks.

“We are very stoked to sign with Mascot Label Group and we are looking forward to a great run together,” P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval said, “25 years in this music game and we couldn’t be more excited!”

“We’re very excited to be working with P.O.D., who have been innovators in creating hugely impactful and inspirational rock songs over the years that have become the soundtrack to so many people’s lives. We look forward to being a part of the next chapter of their impressive career.” Said Mascot North American President, Ron Burman.

P.O.D. are
Sonny Sandoval ~ vocals
Marcos Curiel ~ guitar
Traa Daniels ~ bass
Wuv Bernardo ~ drums

15th January 2018

On a very wet and windy Monday in South Wales – the day is instantly brightened with a helping of Black Country Communion – taking me back to the wonderful gig in Wolverhampton. We said – A brilliant kick-start to the 2018 gigging calendar. The night could never be described as a rollercoaster why? No lows only highs a true rocking carousel ride of live music. Thank you Black Country Communion for the love and sharing your live set in the heart of the Black Country tonight in Wolverhampton.

Now you have listened to the video check out BCCIV the latest album that is the perfect antidote to #Blue Monday. This classic rock kicks the blues away. Music the best cure every day of the week.

Black Country Communion Marches In With Rock on BCCIV     A snippet of what was said by Bluesdoodles – The legions of Classic rock are mighty. The influence and legacy of the greats can be heard echoing throughout. BCCIV rises from these ashes creating an album that heralds a new golden age of rock for now. Relevant, contemporary and magnificent. What else did we say about this 10 paw album check it out NOW

12th January 2018

Steelhouse Festival 2018 Announcement Saturday Headliner.

GLENN HUGHES performs CLASSIC DEEP PURPLE LIVE for the very first time in the UK at the Steelhouse this summer!
We’re incredibly excited to announce that ‘The Voice of Rock’ Mr Glenn Hughes will perform an entire set of Deep Purple classics on the Saturday night at this years’ Steelhouse Festival. He’ll be joined by – Sunday headliners – BLACK STAR RIDERS, along with THE WILDHEARTS, DAN REED NETWORK, STONE BROKEN, PHIL CAMPBELL & THE B*STARD SONS, THE QUIREBOYS, KING KING, plus many more. With even more incredible acts still to be announced!

For tickets & info, visit: Steelhouse Festival 2018


Out today the mighty album from Joe Satriani What Happens Now – Listening was a pure pleasure putting our thoughts into words took a bit longer – “an album that celebrates the power of the six-strings  and the virtuosity of Satriani”. Add in  Glen Hughes & Chad Smith pounding in the rhythms. Read the 10 Doodle Paw review then buy!

Joe Satriani Touring England With John Petrucci Uli Jon Roth

10th January 2018

The weekly Blues, Jazz, Folk and Country specialist music shows will move one hour later to 8pm-9pm, every Monday to Thursday.

Cerys Matthews will join Radio 2 as the host of a new live blues show each Monday. Musician, author and broadcaster Cerys, whose BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday morning show (10am-1pm) has the highest single show listenership on the network – and who also hosts a monthly programme, BBC Music On The World Service With Cerys Matthews – takes over from Paul Jones, who will be leaving the network.

Paul Jones says: “I have loved playing tracks from the world of Rhythm & Blues on Radio 2 over the last 30-plus years. I’m very grateful to all my listeners (not least for their influence on the content of programmes) but it’s time for me to hand over the baton – and I hope and believe Cerys will derive as much joy from the new show as I have until now.”

Read about the changes to the BBC Radio Schedules



9th January 2018

Perfection Kills as We Talk to Dan PatlanskyFantastic Conversation with Dan Patlansky ahead of the release of his studio album Perfection Kills and his tour with Special Guest Mollie Marriott announced today. What did we talk about … Find out by reading the post In Conversation with Dan Patlansky



8th January 2018

Monday with a long to-do-list this is going to be a busy and exciting week.

Bad Flowers Firing a Bouquet With Starting GunFirst Ten doodle paw album of 2018 and I broke my own rules on this! Why? the album is a wow!

The artwork defines the album as The Bad Flowers Firing a Bouquet With Starting Gun sums up the rocking ride that kick starts 2018. The music is sharp, melodic, exciting and above all entertaining.  The melodies and rhythms are addictive, with lyrics and licks that become friendly earworms! Definitely, Bad Flowers Firing a Bouquet With Starting Gun

Read why it was a TEN HERE

With the exciting news of Kriss Barras tour and now a new album Divine and Dirty  on Mascot Music Group

6th & 7th January 2018

Weekend at home. Cold and crisp with a biting wind the perfect weather to take the dog for a walk turn up the heating hot drink and relax.  Well, I did the first with Othello whatever the weather he insists that the day starts with a walk and chase the ball fun.  I spent the weekend sorting and updating behind the scenes and then took time out with a gin & Tonic watched Spiral on TV love this French Cop series now back for its sixth season. Plus, started to read Philip Pulman’s, The Book Of Dust and of course played lots of exciting music reviews will be coming very soon.

First album reviews of 2018 have been published check out what was said by Tom & Biddy a simple click away over at Recorded Music Reviews

5th January 2018

Start of the year is about getting organised. Clearing space I am downsizing the stuff I have in the small bedroom or dumping ground. If I wanted to find something it would be impossible. Being organised is my mantra for 2018 especially on Bluesdoodles as my team grows and the website expands.

Let me introduce the third member of the reviewing team Daren


Darren Owen: Summer 1999. School was out. Time for some “self-study”. I immersed myself in as much music as my ears could possibly take until they – along with my mind – were blown. Wow!
Fast-forward two decades, hundreds of live gigs, over 500 CDs and a “few” guitars later.
This love for music I’ve had since that magical summer is the reason I want to share my views with you. As you are on this page, I’m guessing you can relate to this love I speak of. A love which after all these years has never diminished… ….I just wish I could say the same for my hearing!

4th January 2018

First day back. the house is empty everyone else is back to work so it is Othello, music and Bluesdoodles. Bliss!

This gives me the opportunity to update the site and introduce another new member of the team Biddy Unsworth who will be casting her blues trained ear and writing album reviews.

Biddy Unsworth: A lifelong blues fan, having been introduced to the music when a young teenager. In my later teenage years, I could often be found in the legendary Bristol Blues bar, The Dugout and I have loved live music ever since. Now retired from life as a University academic, I am enjoying having lots more time to see bands and listen to music. I’ve been helping out with my local blues club, Keighley Blues live and travel to blues festivals and gigs whenever I can. I also enjoy bird watching and wildlife, gardening and walking and taking my narrow boat out on the canal.

3rd January 2018

Black Country Communion Live In WolverhamptonHome after a blustery drive back, thanks to remnants of Storm Eleanor, to Wales and the review wrote. Check out what we said and a massive thank you to the brilliant photographer Christie Goodwin for the use of her photographs capturing the essence of Black Country Communion.

Tonight, was a truly memorable night of live music.  A brilliant kick-start to the 2018 gigging calendar. The night could never be described as a rollercoaster why? No lows only highs a true rocking carousel ride of live music. Thank you Black Country Communion for the love and sharing your live set in the heart of the Black Country tonight in Wolverhampton. simply Superb – Check out what else we said…


2nd January 2018

Brief and to the point we are travelling to Wolverhampton to review Black Country Communion there is much excitement at Bluesdoodles HQ first gig and road trip of 2018!

Fantastic night in Wolverhampton, the venue was packed and missed many friends who were entertained with rock that shook the foundations of Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Fantastic to catch up with Tom Leighton and dale Tonks two of The Band Flowers, Rich Moss & Robyn Haycock stone Broken, Nathan James Inglorious’ vocalist. Fab to chat before and after the show.

1st January 2018

Welcome to another year that will be seeing changes and developments with new members of the team bringing their views and expertise to album reviews, interviews and a brand new section that will excite many of our readers.  Hold your horses, you will have to be patient for a little while before the great virtual unveiling!!!

UKBlues AwardsOn Sale today – tickets for the inaugural UKBlues Awards, 19th May in Worthing. The UKBlues Federation are very excited about this prestigious event with M/C Ian Siegal and Catfish the band to entertain us.

Tickets available NOW and Selling Fast from See Tickets

December  – Blog News Snippets and More


31st December 2017

As the last day of 2017 ticks by Othello is wagging his tail with excitement.  He is getting ready to welcome new writers for Bluesdoodles joining the team of Othello, Liz & Wes are a number of CD reviewers and more importantly Bobby the Westie and Wes’s two cats, Sons of Cat Anarchy – Opie & Jaxs.

Welcome on board the Bluesdoodles Train Tom Dixon

I am a 60-year-old, early retired North Eastern born music lover who, for the last 35 years has resided in South Somerset. Music has always been an integral & essential part of my life.
1970 was the key year when I discovered rock music – Deep Purple & Rory Gallagher in particular. As my interest grew, I realised that all of this great music was rooted firmly in the Blues of the 1920s/30s/40s – so began a journey into the past & discovering the wonders of Robert Johnson & Huddy Ledbetter to name but two. This continues to the present day with diverse talents such as Half Deaf Clatch & Joe Bonamassa. But they are all the blues!
I am also the proud owner of a Blackmore Stratocaster & a Morse Musicman – if only I was able to make them sound like their signatories!

30th December 2017

As the year draws to a close we will have lots of exciting news to share with you.

UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations are OPEN! As an integral part of the UKBlues Federation inaugural Blues Awards, celebrating Blues across the UK have one category open to anybody to nominate. The category is The Blues Club/Venue of The Year Award. This is your opportunity to nominate the club or venue that regularly provides you with the opportunity to hear quality Blues. Without these special places live music would not be able to thrive, audiences would not be able to share their love of Blues with friends, fans and often to meet the musicians that bring so much joy. How do you do this? A summary that describes why you are nominating the club/venue this should not be more than 150 words. To find out more click UKBlues Awards Venue & Club Nominations are OPEN



24th December 2017


Full of Advent delights as the team at Bluesdoodles wishes you a wonderful Christmas


23rd December 2017


Door 23 is simply awesome





22nd December 2017



Door 22 is hiding just so much fun and live music delights




21st December 2017

Behind Door 21 never any rough Blues from this Record label




20th December 2017

Behind Door 20 is a year of fun with music and friends – take a peek and enjoy HERE

19th December 2017





Check out who is behind Door 19 HERE



What an amazing evening last night at the O2 Academy Bristol Dan Reed Network opening for Extreme brilliant last funky gig of 2017.


18th December 2017

Day !8 is all about Bluesdoodles in Conversation – check out who we talked to. A Big thank you to Wes O’Neill for adding his enthusiasm and knowledge. expect lots more interviews in 2018! Check out Day 18 HERE


15th December 2017

Day 15 Advent calendar is ready for the reveal with a big thank you to Skyfire Interactive for their support throughout 2017. Check out Day 15 HERE

Now we only have little hints of snow, the sun is shining and the year is zooming to a close. I Will have to sit and decide some of the highlights that shine out from a year filled with music, friends and, fun and new beginnings as Wes O’Neill has joined the team. His role is concentrating on the interview side. I was apprehensive at first from the beginning Bluesdoodles was my project. With Kevin my husband taking the notes gathering thoughts while I was photographing live gigs and proofreader of the copy. There was definitely no need for apprehension Wes is a real asset to the team and I am looking forward to reading and publishing his interview with Tommy Emmanuel.While we wait for the interview and the forthcoming album Accomplice One, which is out January 19th via Mascot Label Group/The Players Club.

As Tommy says: “This was an early hit for Madonna which was brought to my attention by a brilliant artist from Sweden named Theresa Andersson. When we toured through Europe and Scandinavia, we did this song in our show and it really got a great response from the audiences. Amanda Shires is known for her western swing and Americana style but was adventurous enough to give this song a go. She nailed it.”

Check out the video Borderline featuring Amanda Shires. The Madonna classic transformed with the combination of Tommy’s guitar and Amanda’s fiddle and vocals stripped down and gorgeous.



14th December 2017

Day 14 Advent calendar is ready for the reveal with a big thank you to Cosa Nostra PR for their support throughout 2017. Check out Day 14 HERE

13th December 2017

Well, today can only get better the thick covering of snow and ice is slowly being washed away by the rain ad Bluesdoodles now appears to be working once again. Could not load new content this morning hence the lateness in posting Day 13 of the Advent Calendar. I was getting so frustrated so walked away and now have a decorated tree so looking a bit more like Christmas at Bluesdoodles HQ! Othello is not impressed he hates change and the sofa he lies on had to be moved a couple of inches so not impressed at all.


12th December 2017

The Mascot Label Group announce the signing of Dutch psychedelic blues trio DeWolff. Joining their impressive and growing roster including Joe Bonamassa, Black Stone Cherry, Beth Hart, Black Country Communion, Monster Truck, Von Hertzen Brothers, The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, SIMO, Eric Gales, Supersonic Blues Machine

Mascot CEO Ed van Zijl adding, “We are very happy to welcome DeWolff into the MLG family. Young, energetic, powerful, original and without doubt one of the coolest rock bands currently in The Netherlands!”

DeWolff will be playing an album release show at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 4th May 2018.

The band formed in the Netherlands’ Deep South of Geleen as teenagers in 2007 by singer/guitaristPablo van de Poel, brother/drummer Luka van de Poel and Hammond organist Robin Piso. They’re an old soul in a young body, transporting the listener back into the swirling psychedelia drenched blues of the mid-60s. They count Seasick Steve as a fan who watched a whole set at Rock Oz Arenes in Switzerland saying “I closed my eyes and I heard the Allman Brothers playing in the 70s.” He was so blown away by what he saw, he insisted on introducing them to Robert Plant afterwards.

Talking about signing to the label the band said; “We put so much love and time in the writing, recording and mixing of our new album and it feel so good to now put it in the hands of the passionate and accomplished label that Mascot is! This collaboration is the ultimate next step in putting DeWolff on the world map!”


Interesting, saddening and all true article from The Guardian today – Slow Death of Music Venues in Cities – Read the Article HERE – Keep campaigning to keep venues you love to hear live music played open in your Towns and Cities,



11th December 2017

We have enough snow, to make the hill we live on very difficult to negotiate so husband home today breaking my routine. Plus side Othello loved playing in the snow!



10th December 2017



9th December 2017




8th December 2017

Broken Witt Rebels Rocking Thekla Boat Tonight with their brand of rocking and rolling Music. Before the Rebels took to the stage the night opened with Sonia Leigh. Sonia’s band whilst she is over from Nashville Tennessee are The Healers with Katy Hurt on backing vocals. What an amazing voice is the first thing you notice about diminutive Sonia. Full of textured gravel swirling around melodic tones delivering songs full of emotional intent. Sonia is a rocked up Mary Gauthier. The set was shimmering with powerful intent as country rocked and rolled as her vocals were supported by the percussive rhythmic shaping and guitar playing from Steve, Ace & Gab who are the Healers. With her new album Mad Hatter we were treated to Jack Is Back, wow this is a band that wants you to have fun as the set included My Name is Mary, Rocking In The Moonlight and Shelter. Sonia and the band surrounding her tonight played music that warmed the venue and left a lasting impression. We all agreed the set was far too short as they closed with Alabama Band full of Southern Rock and energy. We were ready and waiting to shout Up The Rebels as the main band of the night set foot on a stage in Bristol for the second time. Short break and our wishes were granted, first time playing on a boat for the Rebels the third time this year Bluesdoodles were excited to once again be listening to Broken Witt Rebels. Tonight they hit the ground running with Low from their self-titled debut album. The crowd need no encouragement from Danny Core to join in they were soon singing along confirming this as a firm favourite when played live & loud. The set flowed warming the atmosphere, with Breathless one of the new numbers on the album, Bang Bang and Howlin. We were now deep in the zone that Broken Witt Rebels create when playing live, they have a special sound blending influences as this Midlands based band meld Southern Rock with country with the drive of Brit-Pop pulled together by the talented and ebullient energy of front man Danny Core whose vocals connect to the audience. His vocals, groan, cry, beseech and take you to a special place as the tonal depth sends shivers of pure delight down your spine. This is a quartet of musicians who understand the intricacies of the sound they create and love playing the music. Danny’s vocals will always gain your attention but without the soaring driving platform of the other musicians it would be a voice and nothing more. Tonight James Tranter’s backing vocals were smooth and his guitar playing clever with hooks that pulled Danny’s vocals in, and riffs that hit home with the audience that showed the clever use of his pedal board. Then the rhythm section never to be ignored when the Rebels play their brand of Rock as Luke Davis on bass and James Dudley’s drumming combine to give every number a percussive deeper growling force. With fabulous backing vocals from James and Luke the choruses build and connect the verses and how the audience loved to add their voice. With two new numbers inspired and reflecting on their recent US tour opening for Whiskey Myers. Fearless, this reflects the playing of a band that is fearless in their intention for the whole venue to have fun. We rocked long and hard and like the music the boat stayed steady in its delivery. Followed by Give It Up, from tonight’s performance, that is definitely not a consideration for a band on this form. The musicianship was top-notch. The current single now was played live, however good the music is on a radio, when played live it takes on a new deeper energy and that was the case tonight with Wait for You. Now let’s have some drama, as they continued putting a Spell on You a highlight that glimmered brightly in a set of seventeen songs that were glorious from the first note to the last note. An acoustic guitar was picked up by James, as he and Danny stepped off the stage as Danny explained ‘going to try something different’. Turn On me, performed pure acoustic in the heart of the crowd who were spellbound. For me once again the centre-piece of the night was Georgia Pine which they nailed tonight live and will always be that special song, the one that caught my attention when I heard the EP Georgia Pine for the first time. Every time you hear this young band play they just keep getting better, songs you know like the closing numbers Snake Eyes and Guns prove that. Always full of rebelling attitude now they have been shaped and honed into a pressure pack of controlled energy that bursts out of the blocks as the energy builds and grows to a thunderous climax. From the performance tonight and the length of the queue at the Merch desk Broken Witt Rebels are welcome to return to Bristol anytime and we say make that soon, your music rocked our boat tonight.

What an amazing night of live music floating on a boat in Bristol. Sonia Leigh opening what a voice check here out and when Sonia is back in the UK if you haven’t seen her live Bluesdoodles thoroughly recommends that you do. Big thank you to Sonia for the album it will be an early 2018 review that is for sure. Broken Witt Rebels were a dynamic whirlwind of music that rocked the Thekla and the audience.  Check out the review of the LIve show HERE


7th December 2017

Tonight we are off to see Broken Witt Rebels at Thekla in Bristol going to fun night.  Before that what has Day 7 revealed on Bluesdoodles Advent Calendar?

I was so shocked to read The Fleece in Bristol’s facebook post – Double whammy threatening this fabulous venue New Flats and potential for noise complaints and a 404% hike in Council Tax Charges. Support your local venues before they all disappear. Venues like The Fleece is the heartblood of the live music scene, a stage for bands to perform on sharing the power and magic of Live Music. Read more here in the Bristol Post

6th December 2017

Day 6 Advent Calendar reveal. Conversation with Tom Leighton from the exciting new band The Bad Flowers with debut album Starting Gun and Tour all set to make 2018  a sweet bouquet of rock for the band. You will have to be patient as not being published until early 2108.

5th December 2017

Yesterday, I took few hours out and went shopping with Sue. Made a change to be dressed not for dog walking and time to chat drink coffee and even bought a couple pressies the most important was Othello’s now well hidden.  I am delighted to say Day 5 advent calendar is ready for the reveal all achieve my deadline and the distraction of Ashes Cricket.

4th December 2017

First Monday in December and off to do some Christmas shopping after walking Othello. Before hitting the shops we can peek behind #Door 4 – Find OUT HERE what is behind the door.

3rd December 2017

Sunday and it is day three behind the #Door 3 – Find OUT HERE what is behind the door

2nd December 2017

#Door 2 – what is behind this Find OUT HERE click the day and the fun is revealed.

Manhaton Records Delivering Quality Blues

1st December 2017

Advent Calendar 2017Today we are launching Bluesdoodles Advent Calendar 2017

#Door 1 – what is behind this Find OUT HERE click the day and the fun is revealed.

Bluesdoodles Advent Calendar 2017

28th November 2017


Steve Vai Teams Up With Mascot Label Group

Steve Vai Teams Up With Mascot Label Group

Mascot Label Group is proud to announce a new and exciting alliance with guitar legend Steve Vai’s Favored Nations Records label. Read more HERE


20th November 2017

UK’s Total Guitar magazine has opened the Voting for 2017…….

Best Blues Guitarist – VOTE HERE

What is the best new guitar innovation of 2017? VOTE HERE

Who is the best metal guitarist of 2017? VOTE HERE

Who is the Best New Guitarist of 2017     VOTE HERE

Who is the best Acoustic Guitarist 2017 VOTE HERE

Who is the best Rock Guitarist 2017 VOTE HERE

13th November 2017

So my week is being re-arranged. as Joanne Shaw Taylor with Dan Patlansky opening the show tomorrow night is postponed. First I am off to The Tunnels tonight to see the amazing guitarist Simon McbrideTickets are available HERE.

2018 Dan Patlansky UK Tour Plus New Album Perfection KillsSending Get well soon message to Joanne Shaw Taylor who has had to postpone the Colston Hall Show tomorrow night. The show has been re-scheduled to Sat 25th November 2017. Unfortunately, Dan Patlansky will not be joining the re-scheduled show. This means to the disappointment of many Dan Patlansky fans we will not able to see Dan play live in Bristol until 2018.  Let’s make Dan  Patlansky at The Tunnels a SELL-OUT when he returns to Bristol 18 March 2018 for the ‘Perfection Kills’ album launch tour  The Tunnels. Get Your tickets HERE.




8th November 2017

Today has been a mixed bag of a day the one certainty that will bring me pleasure and a smile is music. The tours, new albums and the glory of blues and rock it will never let me down. Never betrays me.

One thing that has made me jump and down, stamp my feet and swear is the use of one of my photographs without my permission. Bluesdoodles and Liz Aiken are easy to contact and I will always be reasonable about the use of my photographs. One thing I will not negotiate on though is my photograph not being credited. the website that has I believe used a photograph of Beth Hart that I took last year does not have Contact us – on its website. If you are open and accountable this is a rudimentary detail!

Announcing new Page – 2018 UK Tours. The links will be under each month will be the relevant poster information of UK Tours thought 2018.  With links to dates and tickets the place to keep an eye out for your favourite bands playing live music. – Check out the tours added so far HERE




6th November 2017

Announced today – update from UKBlues Federation and the crowdfunding campaign to get the 4th UKBlues Challenge winners to Memphis and Hell to represent the UK at The International & European Blues Challenges. Read about it HERE

There are still lots of fantastic rewards so check them out today – HERE

The support has been outstanding with pledges and donations  received is just short of £6,000, nearly 75% of the initial crowdfunding target of £8,000


2018 Dan Patlansky UK Tour Plus New Album Perfection KillsAlways exciting when Dan Patlansky announces a new album Perfection Kills & Headline tour in 2018.

If waiting until March 2018 is too long – the solution is to hear him play as Joanne Shaw Taylor’s special guest this November across the UK.

I have heard he will be playing the first single off the album Dog Day live at these shows.

Check out venues and links to buying your ticket HERE



Life at Bluesdoodles tower continues to be hectic. The office has been moved with a new view as Grandson is back living with us. It is good to have a young person perspective. Now the time to catch-up with some brilliant albums to review and as November progresses there are some amazing gigs to excite me and top-up the feel-good feeling from Live music.  With Photographs to take and reflections to write. Plenty of interesting posts for you to read at Bluesdoodles.

2nd November 2017

Beth Hart Vocal Power Captivates The Forum TonightI was right Beth Hart show last night was stunning she took us on a personal, thought-provoking journey. Tonight on a large stage in a fantastic venue The Forum, Bath used to be an Art Deco cinema the decor was stunning. Beth stood alone accompanying herself, on piano, guitar, bass and electric piano – Read all about the evening HERE  as Beth Hart Vocal Power Captivates The Forum Tonight with numbers from her last two albums Fire On The Floor and Better Than Home plus delving into her extensive back catalogue. If you missed these shows Beth is back with her Band touring the UK in 2018 check out dates and links to by tickets HERE

1st November 2017

Having reviewed last nights gig, whilst listening to Beth Hart as we are off to The Forum in Bath. A new venue for us to hear Beth Hart Solo show. Should be another great night of live music.

What a fantastic way to end October. we went to the Tramshed in Cardiff one of our favourite venues to hear live Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The opening act was Laurence Jones with his new band members with a new album The Truth the music was hot. Kenny Wayne Shepherd was phenomenal, his guitar playing Noah Hunt’s vocals and the whole band weaving live music magic. Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed With Old favourites and tracks from his latest album Lay It On Down– Read the whole Review HERE.



October – Blog News Snippets and More

19th October 2017

As a supporter of live music and musicians, I did not hesitate to sign today. Musicians life is difficult, they definitely do not want or need additional barriers making touring even harder.

The Musicians Union say Please add your voice to our call. Sign and share the petition #WorkingInTheEU.

SIGN PETITION HERE and share across your social media platforms



Bad Touch out on headline tour with special guest Mollie Marriott – check out the dates and get yourselves a ticket HERE. Bluesdoodles counting down the days until The Tunnels in Bristol Show 16th November 2017.



 18th October 2017

Today has been about reviewing albums,  checking out the bands on tour. Looking forward to Samantha Fish arriving at The Tunnels in Bristol as part of her tour with her new album Belle of the West. Going to be live music that brightens your day. Check out all the UK dates HERE

The last three months of the year is going to be busy,  so many great bands are on the road and Hereford Blues Festival a day when bands will paint the town blue.

17th October 2017

Liz Aiken the driving force behind the grinning blues dog of Bluesdoodles. With a torrent of emails and messages catching up is a steep hill to climb but I am winning I think.

Yesterday I was delighted to share a few posts.

Announcing Rock Against Cancer Event – How To get Involved in Nominating process of 2018 UKBlues Awards Popa Cubby Announcing New album.

 Day Of Music Celebrating Life Cancer On The Rocks

The UKBlues Awards News- Opportunity to Get Involved NOW!!!

5th October 2017

Well, this will be my last post….. No not forever. I am off on holidays taking some time out with dodgy WiFi so will have a digital detox. It should be a refreshing experience.

Rock Candy Funk Party delivers a lavish soundscape that incorporates a plethora of genres, from dance and electronica, to rock, funk and jazz and everything in between. The band is gearing up to release their brand new Album The Groove Cubed this fall following their 2015 sophomore album Groove Is King.

The band formed around 2009 when drummer Tal Bergman and guitarist Ron DeJesus combined their love of funk music and wanted to share it with the world. After recording and performing with blues-rock titian Joe Bonamassa, Bergman invited him to join the fun. By 2011, Bonamassa had officially joined the band and the groove has been growing stronger ever since. RCFP isn’t your run of the mill funk jam band. The Groove Cubed which is set for release on October 20, 2017. According to Bergman, “It will take the listener on journey that explore the use of different styles of music from different eras and hopefully break some rules!!” The Groove Cubed has the “mark of real pros,” with top-notch improvisation and musical chemistry. The band “came in (the studio) with nothings, and came out with a new record.”


The Musicians
Tal Bergman – Drums, Percussion, Programming, additional keys
Ron De Jesus – Guitars
Joe Bonamassa – Guitars
Mike Merritt – Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Renato Neto – Rhodes, Clavinet, Piano, Synthesizers

4th October 2017

This is really not good October already four days old and not written a word on the blog. But in my defence, I have been busy.

Listening and thinking about all things music.


High Temperature Conversation With JW JonesHad a wonderful conversation with JW Jones – check out what we talked about – HERE

JW Jones new album High Temperature raises the temperature of the Blues. read what we said HERE

The icing on the cake is he is in the UK on Tour very soon.

There are changes over at camp King King – they have a new keyboard player. As they wave goodbye with a massive thank you to Bob Fridzema. Now it is a huge welcome to the new man behind the Hammond Johnny Dyke.


September – Blog News Snippets and More

28th September 2017


Another day zooming past. With admin done from UKBlues Federation as Secretary the task keep rolling in.  Keeps me busy and promoting and raising the profile of the UKBlues a the top of our agenda.

Check out the new single, Hideaway from Dan Owen I have delighted in his wonderful voice. Check out the tour dates across the UK & Europe on his Headline Tour. Definitely, one not to be missed. Read More HERE

An album of photographs from Erja Lyttinen show at The Tunnels have been added to Bluesdoodles Photography page – check them out HERE!

27th September 2017

Where has September gone? Every day I sent out a list of what to do and reviewing album slips off note-to-self. You must improve in October there is so much good music to share with you.




ANNOUNCED TODAY! The UKBlues Federation today announced that they will be running UKBlues Awards. Celebrating Blues across the U.K. It is the logical step having run the UKBlues Challenge successfully for the last few years now read MORE HERE



Solo Beth Hart Tours UK Spring 2018


Exciting news as Beth Hart announces a tour with her Band Spring 2018. Tickets are flying out of the door Royal Albert Hall is already Sold Out – so check out the venue near you and get the tickets while you can – Read about the tour HERE

Wow! Another night where live music energised. Red Butler with new line-up opened for the incomparable Erja Lyytinen

Read what we thought HERE



26th September 2017

It is sad to see the poster with the words Final and Kaz Hawkins Band. Kaz & her boys have thrilled and entertained so many people brightening our lives as she shares the joy through her music.  I recommend catch this band while you can.



Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue

What an amazing Sunday Night of live music at the Alter of the Blues as The Tunnels, Bristol were entertained by –

Kirk Fletcher with support from Ruzz Guitar Blue’s Review

Read what we said HERE

22nd September 2017

Taking the day off as off to the hairdressers for some pampering. New colourist so should have different ideas so looking forward to a new palette of colours. One thing I am certain it will be a fun few hours my local hairdressers Vintage know how to listen and look after every client how every quirky they may be. I was delighted with the autumnal colours eye-catching!


21st September 2017

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry have released another track from their upcoming blues covers EP, Black to Blues which is out on Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group on 29th September. Their version of Albert Kings ‘Born Under A Bad Sign’

While you listen below – The numbers crack like a pistol shot from a well-oiled six-shooter as Black Stone Cherry have covered but not Copied! Read more HERE and then order online HERE


Delighted to have received the first photograph that I have ever had printed on Canvas. I am so pleased with the result from GrangePrint 

Taken this year at Steelhouse Festival Texas Flood – read my review HERE







20th September 2017

Today has been a busy day Othello the doodle dog that supports Bluesdoodle has had to go and have his booster jabs at the vet. His weight is good, teeth fine and he even behaved reasonably well when he had the Kennel Cough vaccine sprayed up his nose. I am sure that is very unpleasant but few treats and he was wagging his tail.

So much happening in the world of music.

Starting today the Kirk Fletcher tour. Lots of Dates he always puts on an amazing show of blues guitar.

19th September 2017

Looking forward to Big Boy Bloater at The Louisianna in Bristol on 29th September 2017 – Check out the Event, buy a ticket it will be so much fun – HERE


Big Boy Bloaters Journey to Luxury Hobo Blues


Read what Bluesdoodles said about the critically acclaimed album, Luxury Hobo – There are no limits to Big Boy Bloater’s blues on Luxury Hobo as his voice and guitar playing explores narratives and stretches his interpretation of the blues. Read More HERE




Releasing a single announcing a tour is making sure The Bad Flowers are promoting their sizzling rock. Thunder Child certainly gets your musical juices flowing wanting to hear more of this Black Country Band. REad What we thought  HERE

18th September 2017

Oh! No! I haven’t written anything on the blog for ten days – so sorry sort off. What with an amazing weekend in Liverpool with the 4th UKBlues Challenge, and exploring the city. Then reviews and photographs to edit. Fab weekend with friends lots of cheese, wine and gin courtesy of Abergavenny Food Festival. Now it is another Monday, September is flying by and I am on catch-up.

Firstly, this is the link to the 4th UKBlues Challenge at The Cavern on Sunday, 10th September. LaVendore Rogue picked up the baton from Kaz Hawkins. They are now ready to represent the UK at the International Blues Challenge, Memphis. Then in Hell, Norway, for European Blues Challenge. They are the perfect band to play in this location than LaVendore Rogue and their gothic blues!

Read about an amazing event hosted by UKBlues Federation HERE


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8th September 2017

Busy Friday, just two days until I head up to Liverpool for the 4th UK Blues Challenge – looking forward to doing some sightseeing on Monday.

Q&A Session as we Rise and Shine with SIMO

Last night, it was fun chatting with JD Simo about music, new album and striving to be the best at what you do. He admitted to being a Spotify junkie and lots more in an insightful talk about how the new album came about – Read more…


Q&A with Erja Lytinnen Stolen Hearts Guitars and Touring


Read about being on tour, starring in Finnish TV Show and Erja Lytinnen’s UK tour in September when we were in conversation recently – Read more… 

7th September 2017

Been busy behind the scenes.  Great show by Ahs Wilson on Tuesday read what we said over at the review – HERE

Been busy getting organised for our trip to Liverpool for 4th UKBlues Challenge and sorting out the garden ready for Autumn.

Looking forward to my Conversation with SIMO about the new album Rise & Shine out 15th September.

4th September 2017

Exciting few days ahead for Liz at Bluesdoodles.

Tomorrow night of to The Tunnels in Bristol to see Ash Wilson joining Ash on the stage will be popular bassist Roger Inniss; Wayne Proctor on drums and Bob Fridzema on Keys.

The debut album, Broken Machine  As a debut album Broken Machine stands out from the crowd. Why? Ash Wilson’s vocals, powerful, gentle, crooning and always as clear as a bell. You expect guitar playing to electrify, percussion on the beat but the vocals make or break many an album. Broken Machine is made by vocals that will always connect and are the extra instrument that blues must have lead breaks however fast and furious do not cut the mustard. Vocals and Lyrics are the winning combinations.  Read more…  Buy your tickets HERE: then read what we talked about when we had a conversation earlier this year read what was said HERE….


UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant AnnouncedThen there are the albums to listen and review in the countdown to 4th UKBlues Challenge, hosted by UKBlues Federation in Liverpool at iconic venue The Cavern, Club. Tickets are hotter than the proverbial hotcakes get yours TODAY!!!! Buy now HERE

Excites as five great bands to hear on Stage, LaVendore Rogue, Robert J.Hunter, The Rainbreakers, Elles Bailey & Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion, Having never been to Liverpool looking forward to spending Monday exploring the sights.

Five Excited Bands Talking About 4th UK Blues Challenge
Get your tickets and be in the crowd that hears the judge’s decision first! Plus you will have heard five superb bands with their interpretation of the Blues – Read what they said HERE:

Here is the Ticket link – get yours before they are gone! Buy now HERE

2nd September 2017

What a gloriously sunny Saturday, Othello has had a lovely walk. He enjoys the time out and about every day what ever the weather is the truth. I enjoy the walk more when warm and sunny! Today I have the shortest To Do List. Why? I am going to potter in the garden, mow the lawn enjoy the sun.

I have posted and tweeted – and added a reminder about the 4th UK Blues challenge – next weekend Sunday 10th September at The Cavern Club Liverpool.  Five bands all rising to the challenge to represent the UK at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis & European Blues Challenge in Hell, Norway. Get your tickets and be in the crowd that hears the judge’s decision first! Plus you will have heard five superb bands with their interpretation of contemporary British Blues. Here is the Ticket link – get yours before they are gone –

Five Excited Bands Talking About 4th UK Blues Challenge 

Elles Bailey Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion LaVendore RogueRainbreakers Robert J. Hunter UK Blues Challenge- The Cavern Club, Liverpool Cavern Club Liverpool UK Blues

1st September 2017

As summer turns to Autumn there is the beauty of leaves changing their colours into an array of hues that make the Autumn palette. For me, it is all the wonderful tours that are taking place between now and the end of the year. Making difficult choices when there are clashes. Plus all the albums being released.

Dave Arcari Live At Memorial Hall On Best BehaviourFour Excited Bands Talking About 4th UK Blues Challenge


Today saw two very different contemporary blues artist releases. Wildfire the debut album of Elles Bailey and a live album from Dave Arcari, Live at Memorial Hall.


I had a wonderful conversation with Erja Lytinnen, about touring, Stolen Hearts guitars and pedals will be live on Bluesdoodles very soon.

The Tubes On Tour Welcome Back to the UKI am so excited that I am going to see The Tubes again on the 5th November at The Fleece in Bristol. The gig last year was awesome, a highlight of my year – check out why HERE.

Full tour Dates including Opening for Alice Cooper – HERE



Ten Years After Celebrating  50th Anniversary With 10 CD Box Set

Ten Years After Celebrating 50th Anniversary With 10 CD Box Set

Chrysalis Records are proud to release a 50th Anniversary 10 CD Box Set celebrating the band’s first nine albums, plus a CD of
previously unreleased material.

Released Friday 10th November 2017 – Pre-order via Pledge

August – Blog News Snippets and More

31st August 2017

What! August drawing to an end so soon how does a month fly by so quickly. Today I feel, may be an illusion but it is working for me that I have some control back. Still behind but not overwhelmed to the point of panic. Hence I have been more productive today.

Matter close to my heart & soul is live music. Too many venues and festivals are closing down often due to complaints from neighbours who bought new properties nearby. Another festival is threatened the Old Bush Blues in Callow End Worcestershire.  It is everything a festival should be music leading to friendships that grow, fun and a community coming together to celebrate the blues. Matt Williams landlord of the Old Bush and festival organiser is feeling the stress. Please support him by signing the petition HERE.  Read more about the background HERE

Looking forward to three interviews over the next few days –  Jonny Lang talking about his latest album Signs; Walter Trout on touring his latest collaborative album We’re All in This Together and Erja Lyytinen and her tour to the UK in September and lots of music I am sure we will chat about her album Stolen Hearts.

One thing for certain it is going to be a busy September. Already getting excited about the 4th UKBlues Challenge in Liverpool 10th September at Teh Cavern Club. Get Your tickets it is the event people will keep on talking about as five bands come head to head. Guitar to guitar. to have the opportunity to represent the Uk in Memphis & Europe in 2018. Buy Your Tickets HERE


UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant Announced

30th August 2017

Today, how do I feel? Overwhelmed. This is both good and bad the music is tumbling in through the letterbox and as downloads. The music is exciting needs to be listened to and considered I have to make time for this whilst putting up content. Plus today I am having a new washing machine delivered as mine is making the most dreadful moaning groaning noise. The nice delivery men gave me a long time slot, have just received a phone call informing me they will be with me in about fifteen minutes, Great service John Lewis.

So while I wait will post a new video from Jony Lang, who I will be interviewing tomorrow evening all very exciting. Following the release of his brand new studio album Signs, Grammy Award winner Jonny Lang has released the official music video for Stronger Together. Here is the video. Stronger Together – never a truer word.

29th August 2017

Now I can tell you joining LaVendore Rogue, Elles Bailey, Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion and The Rainbreakers will be Robert J Hunter Band. Selected from the unsigned acts that played under the banner of Jessica Foxley Trust at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival over the weekend. Welcome aboard.   UKBlues Challenge in Liverpool 10th September at The Cavern. Wow! this is going to be fun tickets selling fast so do not miss out!  Go straight over to purchase HERE. Read more about the event in the UKBlues Federation newsletter .

An another exciting announcement is the fantastic Rocking line-up from Planet Rock’s winter Ends Weekend festival.

Planet Rock Presents #WintersEnd returns in 2018. Here’s the full lineup!
Tickets & accommodation go on-sale at 9am this Friday over at PLANET ROCK


28th August 2017

Bank Holiday Monday, a hot and sunny day for pottering music and getting down to some admin on Bluesdoodles. I have so many albums to uploaded. download and listen to new artists to explore and old favourites. I love my job. Only downside not enough hours in the day!

Waiting to find out which band will be joining the other four at the UKBlues Challenge in Liverpool 10th September at The Cavern. Wow! this is going to be fun tickets selling fast so do not miss out!  Go straight over to purchase HERE


27th August 2017

Sunday, going to be gardening, deciding where to put new pond. Mine had to be removed as the liner was leaking and miss the dragonfly rocky out in the sunshine. Have to make the most of the lovely sunny weather. Took time out to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Keeping us entertained some rather fine new music that has arrived. the play list included Jared James Nichols, Black Magic, Black Country Communion BCCIV – Walter Trout We’re All In This Together; King King – Exile & Grace; SIMO – Rise and Shine & Live at The O2 Arena – Alter Bridge. expect to be reading reviews very soon a mighty fine collection.

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26th August 2017


Today start of a bank holiday weekend at home. Lots of music to listen to and review. As I catch up with admin listening to the Awesome Cadillac Three new album out yesterday Legacy – my thoughts coming very soon.


Now this is important and will be saying this again….

For everyone who loves the music festival up a mountain in Wales – Yes, that’s right  Steelhouse! Everyone who experienced Steelhouse 2017 will have two abiding memories Awesome Music & Sticky Mud – Steelhouse 2017 Simply Marvellous Mud Music and Mates –  read what we said…….

The orginisers have set up a crowdfunding campaign – to raise £5000. This is what they said

So myself (Josh) and a good friend (Mark) have set up this funding project to help the amazing Steelhouse Team sort problems …. Plz donate as much or little you can spare as every penny donated will be used to make the necessary improvements to OUR AMAZING FAMILY ROCK FESTIVAL – BEST KNOWN AS STEELHOUSE FESTIVAL!  As they say every little helps reach the target – Checkout the crowdfunding page HERE

24th August 2017


Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017I have been around I promise just not at the key board. Last weekend had so much fun at Bentworth Blues Festival – so many friends, beer, the sunshine occasionally and photographs to edit and share. Read what Bluesddoles Liz Aiken said about the festival Old Bush Blues 2017 once again is a perfectly formed combo of music, food, camping and fun with a capital F.  This is achieved not by magic but the hard work and commitment from Matt and his team of staff. Thank you, Matt, already counting down the days to August 2018. READ MORE….

17th August 2017


BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More

This morning listening to Steve Hill whose New album has new Album Solo recordings Volume 3 released in the UK 6th October 2017.

Check out the video, from  Canadian One-man band playing at the top of the Canadian Blues Scene.



Check out more about the album, steve Hill and the Tour Dates across the UK thoughout October READ MORE HERE……..

16th August 2017

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and MoreWoke up this morning to the news that Paul Oliver the renowned font of Blues knowledge, who wrote some classic books on the Blues. He was a true friend to the music genre that he loved and explored  R.I.P Paul Oliver MBE (25 May 1927 – 15 August 2017)

Bluesdoodles sends our condolences to his family and all who knew him.

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More

Back in 2010, I spent an evening with Paul Oliver at the Oxford Literary Festival 2010 following the publication of Barrelhouse Blues – before the days of Bluesdoodles so no review.  The reviews I wrote for the evening and the book and CD’s can be found over at Blues Matters.

The evening was a fascinating insight as he was joined by Paul Jones and blues musicians Michael Messer, Ed Genis, Ian Siegal and Marcus Bonfanti who demonstrated the music Paul was talking about with passion and understanding.



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Check out the Interview on Early Blues  – HERE


15th August 2017

Have you noticed the change? The red border is now Blue which do you prefer. Any other changes Ask it may happen but then again may not. I cannot promise anything.

Well, I have an extra day, just realised it is Tuesday, not Wednesday so not quite so far behind. The weather in Wales has been gorgeous and Othello enjoyed his stroll this morning and then a manic ten minutes with the ball. Have spent an hour or so in the garden, we are having a bit of a re-vamp so one old currant bush removed and the buddleia has been trimmed leaving the flowers still blooming to attract the butterflies – red Admiral, Peacock, Comma and Large White this afternoon visitors.

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More


Starting to get organised for the weekend away fantastic blues festival in Callow End. Small but perfectly formed Old Blues Blues. Hurry there are a few tickets left but going fast. Always great fun, with friends and great music with added competition as Friday is Shorts and Skirts Day. Saturday is Hat Day. Sunday Is Shirts and Frocks Day.


Check out Bluesdoodles Reviews – 20162015 

We are back for the third year at the festival that moved from Bentworth to Callow End.


BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and MoreBLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and MoreWith two album reviews published today has been fairly productive

JW Jones – High Temperature

Jonny Lang – Signs

14th August 2017

Where have you been I hear you shout! Well I have had hectic few days – signing off the design for my new Bluesdoodles cards – they are fun and have a message as soon as they arrive I will be sharing them with you.  I have to say a big thank you to Shannon over at SW Design for all her hard work and she has been designing flyers for UK Blues Federation so proof reading has kept me busy as well. Keeping up-to-date with what is happening with the UKBlues Federation and the 4th UK Challenge – read about it here.  listening to loads of music soaking up the vibes, and getting ready for this weeks onslaught of album reviews. We have; blues, blues; rock; singing, quirky and down right entertaining on the menu.

Currently listening to Jonny Lang’s Signs from Mascot Label Group wow what an album want a sneaky preview, of course, you can!

American Blues star Jonny Lang has released another track from his upcoming album Signs, out August 25th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. Speaking about Stronger Together, Lang explains “A song can be an amazing thing for somebody.  It can be something that turns your entire life around.  When you finish a project, I am convinced I have absolutely drained whatever well of creativity I have access to, and then a year later it turns on again.  You can’t really control when it happens, but when it does I try and get as much of it as I can and record it.  With ‘Stronger Together’, I remember sitting with my wife and playing her the melody and the chords for this song, and asking her if she liked it.  She said I should write it.  I often ask her if it is worth pursuing, and with this one she offered a green light to continue writing that one.  I’ve been doing this since I was about 13 years old,  travelling around playing music.  Certain parts of it get old, but the parts of it that are awesome outweigh all those parts.  I still really love it, and being able to do what you love for a living is pretty amazing.”

Now, back to reviewing albums. While you wait have an explore there is so much interesting music in the Bluesdoodles Archives.

10th August 2017

The sun has reappeared brightening the mood. Some good music arrived as downloads over night so going to be busy once again, before then I am going to soak up some of the warmth by doing some gardening. Be back soon.

While I am away this is a really interesting article from The Guardian, a Long read exploring why more and more singers are cancelling shows due to damaged vocal cords.  Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?   Read More Here…   Please leave your thoughts, comments and experiences especially if you are a singer.

9th August 2017

Busy day listening and considering music and I have to say GUN’s seventh studio album Favourite Pleasure is an excellent Rock listen. The tracks tempo are varied as they explore the edgier, rockier GUN.

The answer to the question Is this the lucky seventh album as Gun shoots away the curveballs of life that have been thrown at them over the years? Yes, this is a superb album nothing to do with luck it is down to quality musicianship and production. Read More ……..   

Two Tours Announced

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and MoreKing King have re-scheduled their Autumn dates to January 2018. everyone sends Alan healing thoughts as he needs to take the time to rest those vocal cords.  Read Here for Dates.

While we wait for King KIng latest and much-anticipated album Exile & Grace is out on 6th October on Manhaton records. Available for pre-order HERE 


BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More

Eric Gales returns to the UK & Ireland this October and November following on from the success of his Spring tour and release of his album Middle of the Road.

Read about the TOUR HERE

Read Bluesdoodles Middle of The Road Review – HERE  and our thoughts of the gig at The Robin 2 in May HERE

The day was grey but every note I listened to brightened the moment, I didn’t have the most positive head on today. Sometimes family stuff pervades you every thought. Today was one of those I have been waiting on an email having out faith in a person I have for a very long time had no dealings with. Money has been sent and now a punishing silence. How long would it take for a simple email be sent, received the money will be couriering your late mother’s belongings I promised you and will be with you on… Too hard for him, that is for certain. I need to have a more positive approach tomorrow if the sun is shining as promised I am going to spend a few days in the garden. Good night all.

8th August 2017

Today lots of chores whilst listening to music.

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More

This is a one-man band like you have not heard before. This is Solo Elektro from Gwyn Ashton. Read all about the album HERE


With the news that Black Country Communion is releasing a new album BCCIV and playing two dates early January 2018, we all wanted to hear the first single off the album Collide. Have a sneaky listen read about tour and more HERE. Looking forward to my review copy arriving.



4th August 2017

Fthoughtslready this week has flown by. Lots of new music plus still buzzing with the excitement of Steelhouse.

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and MoreBluesdoodles One of my personal favourite pictures taken over a muddy but fun weekend. The review can be found HERE

Other reviews have been pouring in thick and fast including: Planet Rock’s Ian Danter HERE –  Morag Farley’s review and photographs over at Down The Front Media HERE – Uber Rock review and photographs HERE   – Midlands Metalheads HERE.

Feeling sad NOT BE be Early Bird tickets for 2018 have just gone on SALE!!!!


Steelhouse 2018 first 1,000 collectors early-bird tickets are now on sale!
When they’re gone, there will be digital tickets only…Steelhouse Festival – where rock heavyweights ‘Keep On Swingin’! Seconds out… round 8! ding ding, go get ‘um.
Tickets available from:  Steelhouse Festival


3rd August 2017

Bluesdoodles Newsletter published today. sign up for regular updates just follow the link over at

Do you ever get overloaded with all the chores you need to do well, that is my desk at the moment; it is virtually overflowing with quality music.  I have so many albums to listen to think about and then write. So from tomorrow, I am going to review an album as the first job of the day well second Othello’s walk is always the priority of the day.

BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More BLOG: Music News - Links - Snippets and More

Postman today delivered Mollie Marriott’s new album Truth Is The Wolf, the new album Underneath The Deep Blue from Warden, Martin & Walker plus a bundle of goodies from Planet Rock, Thank you Darren including a replacement lanyard, my last Planet Rock Lanyard was destroyed in the line-off duty at Steelhouse

Autumn is going to be very busy lots of tours including Black Country Communion, JW Jones, Bad Touch, Broken Witt Rebels, Erja Lyytinen, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Sam Fish Dan Owen, Beth Hart The Kentucky Headhunters and more. Then there are the special events like the 4th UK Blues Challenge at The Cavern on 10th September – Hereford Blues Festival &  Planet Rockstock


2nd August 2017

Postman arrived with King King’s latest album Exile & Grace it is different more rock very British and with few more listens will be reviewing. You can pre-order  now with Worldwide shipping using the link below : KING KING

The review of a wonderful weekend published have a read I have heard that tickets for Steelhouse 2018 will be on sale on Friday.

Read the review NOW

1st August 2017

Well, the mud has been washed right out of all the clothes, even the camera bag is now nice and clean even re-waterproofed.

Photographs have been edited and there are some that hit the mark of a brilliant festival that this year has for one year only been re-named Berniefest as he appeared on stage every day, not planned but things happen and Bernie Marsden stepped in the hero of the hour!

Lots more photographic memories over at Bluesdoodles Photography. Click the link for Saturday and Sunday

July – Blog News Snippets and More

July 31st 2017

June - Blog News Snippets and MoreWow! what a weekend the mud was gluppy, slippy and I had a mega boot fail at Steelhouse Festival on Saturday.  Big shout out to Planet Rock why? Their lanyard saved the day that I had from photographing at Planet Rockstock . A massive shout out for fellow rocking photographer Morag Farley from Down at The Front 


Busy now all the photos downloaded now to edit and write the review.. If I had three bands to choose from the Weekend … Rival Sons Monster Truck & Broken Witt Rebels and the bonus Steel house festival band Hand Of Dimes with the mighty three days in the row Bernie Marsden and guest drummer Ian Danter and on Bass Darren Redick from Planet Rock.



July 28th 2017

Black Stone Cherry EP Back To Blues

How exciting is this. Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry are thrilled to announce the release of their long time coming blues EP, ‘Black to Blues’ which is out on Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group on 29th September.

July 27th 2017

Today been listening to music that will be loud across the mountain as Steelhouse Festival starts tomorrow, Going to be a weekend of wild weather, friendship and the odd drink or two so much fun crammed into a few hours once a year.

Busy few days going to be a hectic Late Summer &  Autumn so many exciting new albums and tours.

Today at Bluesdoodles posted Walter Trout new album We’re all in it together; great to see the Muni in Pontypridd back with live music shows.

Blog News Snippets and More

Check out all the info about the album with fourteen special guests. We’re all in it together out on Mascot Label Group on 1st September 2017, plus all the tour dates and venues Read more…..


Blog News Snippets and More

New album Truth is A  Wolf out 3rd November and tour dates with Bad Touch life is busy for Mollie Read more……


Blog News Snippets and More


SIMO are back with London date and new album Rise & Shine out 15th September  Read more….


July 24th 2017

Where have I disappeared to?  You may well ask. I have been busy posting reviews and even took some time out to organise the patio now have a lovely spot to grow herbs. The rest of garden is still waiting.  I even took time out to read the second long awaited novel from Arundhati Roy – The Ministry of Utmost Happiness a read of intense emotions, life and politics.

I sent out my regular newsletter – if you haven’t sign-up yet you really should. It is so simple just click HERE

We also gathered together all the 2017 10 paw albums –

January – March

 Matt Anderson – Honest Man
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – This Is The Life I Choose
Thunder – Rip It Up
Jo Harman – People We Become
Hurricane Ruth – Ain’t ready For The Grave
Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts
Catfish – Broken Man
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Change My Game

April – June

Nikka & Strings – Underneath and In Between
LaVendore Rogue – A Night Up North
Eric Bibb – Migration Blues
Steve Hackett – The Night Siren
Big Daddy Wilson – Neckbone Stew
Thomas Wynn  & The Believers – Wade Waist Deep
Inglorious – Inglorious II
Joe Bonamassa – Live at Carnegie Hall
Kaz Hawkins – Don’t You Know
Gov’t Mule – Revolution Come Revolution Go

 We have a Spotify playlist of the track from the 10 Doodle Paw Albums – HERE

June – Blog News Snippets and More

June 27th 2017

My life is rather mundane at times replying to emails, listening to music, writing about the music and again the next day. I never catch up but it is fun really! What would like to see more off? How can I improve? Would adverts really annoy you? While I ponder these questions Othello  lies on the sofa near my desk gently snoring the afternoon away with out a care in the world.

Off too listen to a couple of albums then start to find the words and put up some tour dates and post a CD review. The most annoying thing to happen today is the milk has gone off and so it is black coffee or no coffee, unless I walk to the shops.


June 26th 2017

It is Monday, full of enthusiasm and a long to do list. So excited tantalisingly close to 1,000 likes on Bluesdoodles Facebook page. Have interview to type up and arranging another Sonny Landreth tonight should be interesting.  Just reviewed his latest double alum Recorded Live at LaFayette very good listen certainly one that will not be gathering dust!

Wow!!! by 3 pm I have reached that milestone that has been rather elusive.  Yes, we have 1000 likes on Facebook, organically grown and mega- appreciated!!!!

Unfortunately, for whatever reason the planned interview didn’t go ahead and instead spent the evening trying to get my head around SEO – failing miserably I hasten to add – trying to grow and make Bluesdoodles more visible.

June 25th 2017

Listened to music and sorted the pile of CD’s real and electronic now have (well work in progress) organised list. Sometimes admin has to be done. Had great interview with The Rainbreakers as part of the 4th UK Blues Challenge. Wrote with a pen a review of Sonny Landreth whilst sitting on the sofa rather nice.  Will be re-vitalised for the Bluesdoodles work next week.

June 24th 2017

Saturday, we have plans and then they get changed family comes first. Sometimes you have to focus on needs of children rather than going out.  So instead of going out I did some shopping; cleared the ironing pile and Kevin caught up on the database for his Moths records (If you didn’t know he traps and lets the go in our garden we have an impressive garden list). For once he was impressed as I had tidied and polished! yes polished my desk. We watched Glastonbury and had a lovely meal and bottle of wine so a lovely chilled out day.

June 23rd 2017

Yesterday, I had connection to the internet for most of the day!!! It went down about 3pm I thought Oh! No, here we go again! Made a coffee found some chocolate and miracles of miracles the connect was restored in less than thirty minutes… a mini miracle. Plus  had  not one but two phone calls from BT assuring me that the Engineers were working on this level 2 fault. They will phone again Saturday to see what the situation at last I feel I am being listened to and positive action being taken.

Today, hurrah it is Friday some chores to do including clearing my desk which was a chaotic mess now clear and even been polished. Cooler ad grey skies with the wind a trifle fierce for a June day though I must say Othello is happier that it is cooler and enjoyed his walk and run this morning. He even had the energy to chase the ball.

Started to interview the four bands who are competing in the 4th UK Blues Challenge, Had an interesting Skype interview with the Wildfire cat of the Blues Elles Bailey, Now to catch up with the other four bands – LaVendore Rogue; The Rainbreakers and Zoe Schwarz. It is going to be such and  a sound of many different shades and approaches to the music we love to hear.exciting evening seeing modern blues in an event.

Now to sort out the box of albums to review and have all the fun of listening to them before putting pen to paper, well actually fingers to the qwerty keyboard.

June 22nd 2017

Well it is 11.43 I have internet. BT rang last night said they would  ring with update between 9-11am guess what sat by ‘phone – has it rung NO IT HAS NOT… So now waiting for another promised call at 4 pm today….

In the meantime I have my music published Elles Bailey stunning new album Wildfire her vocals are stunning! – Wildfire is hot with husky vocals blending roots sounds from Blues, country & soul set to be Voice of The Blues check out full review HERE   

The other exciting news is I am visiting Liverpool for the first time in September. Why? 4th UK Blues Challenge at the iconic Cavern club little bit excited.

Uk Blues Challenge Liverpool 2017

Four great bands, all of whom I have seen play live and reviewed albums in alphabetical order coincidentally starting of with Elles Bailey   her debut album Wildfire  – La Vendore Rogue the bands current album A Night In The North   – The Rainbreakers the bands current EP Rise UpZoe Schwarz Blue Commotion  the bands current album This Is The Life I Choose.  We have to wait a few weeks before the fifth band is known, in Colne over August Ban Holiday Weekend 25th – 28th August the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival is taking place. The band who wins the Jessica Foxley   unsigned musician performances that will be taking place each day will complete the set of five bands performing at The UK Blues Challenge 2017. For more information and to become a member of UK Blues Federation check out their web page HERE  . I do have an interest in UKBlues Federation as I am the secretary; that said it is exciting.

June 21st 2017

It is now 13.48 will internet stay connect after 14.02 is the question I am asking myself!

Summer Solstice and the sun is shining as a sun lover I am enjoying the warmth, though Othello is  finding it warm and is resting after early morning walks when it is cooler. Why the absence from the blog? I have been busy juggling the few hours I have internet against the hours when the BT Hub stubbornly refuses to connect. The frustration, annoyance and rage has been indescribable, with torrents of bad language. Awaiting the outcome; BT have identified a fault after numerous chats on line and phone calls. Al asking me the same thing asking me to reset etc. do they not have a joined up system so they can see the previous communication. No; seemingly that is asking to much from a communication company. Apparently the issue is now being dealt with by the fault department adn SHOULD be resolved in 48 hours, no rush then Sherlock; it may be sooner but who knows. I will get a phone call on Thursday for an update. Or will the saga go on it has already been months….

Now for the music, it must be the sunshine as since the beginning of June I have been giving out lots of perfect 10 doodle paws to albums:- these are the cluster of albums that stand out they are very diverse. Click the album for reviews.

Gov't Mule New Album Revolution Come...Revolution Go Nikka & Strings Soulful New Album Underneath and In Between Joe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall Acoustic Album


June 16th 2017

Well this week has been a week where the aim to blog on here everyday has been a totally under achievement! That is enough negativity as Bluesdoodles has been very busy.

We have posted exciting tours and a cracking new single Last Chance from Jared James Nichols – Listen HERE.  The albums we have been listening to demonstrates once again the music is exciting and diverse. For all tastes there is great music to be heard and enjoyed.  The wonderful Debbie Bond from Alabama is over in the  UK on tour with a wonderful single Winds of Change – check out what we said and go see her live if you can. HERE 

Click on the albums for the full review.

Gov't Mule New Album Revolution Come...Revolution Go

Other exciting news King King have a new album Exile & Grace and more tour dates – Check out the NEWS HERE

Away from the keyboard I have been enjoying the sun and looking forward to spending some time over the weekend with Arundhati Roy’s new novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness a lovely signed edition for my birthday. I have plans for net week, to be more organised and focused new week new to do list full of music and fun.

June 13th 2017

Well, I have been absent. First excuse, General Election and the fall out with chaos and uncertainty. for once daytime television was a fascinating example of people watching as analyst re-positioned themselves and tried to get some context into the situation of a hung parliament, and Brexit negotiations to be started with the week. The other excuse I had a Birthday to celebrate in the 12th so took couple days away from the keyboard and screen. Why? It was my Birthday on the 12th and felt I need some space as I drifted from my 62nd to 63rd year on Planet Earth!

So lots of Gin consumed, strawberries devoured and the odd glass of fizz good company and food have re-charged the batteries and ready to get back into the keyboard warriors saddle.

So first catch up on the plethora of emails, listen to new single  with its very apt title Winds of Change from Debbie Bond and share some exciting tours. This is what we said – Once again Debbie has captured the spirit of the Blues and distilled the music to send our a message for today.  read the rest HERE

The sun at last started to shine so feeling rather positive, some great gigs being planned for the rest of 2017 and we only looked at couple of venues in Bristol.

Shared tours by Jared James Nichols & King King  plus the excitement of a new album Exile & Grace loving the album cover.


The other exciting event was being offered paid work with LRPartnership; so will have some money  in my coffers makes a change. LRPartnership is an events company which is based in the Staffordshire area. We are a business with a no-nonsense, common sense approach. So looking forward to the new challenges ahead.


June 8th 2017

Today, is wet and stormy and General Election Day. This has been a strange campaign and now when every vote cast the answer will be known, one thing for certain the music will play on.  Do you ever get days when you just cannot concentrate, settle down well I do. Today is definitely one of those days. Started of when arrived home wet and chilled from taking Othello out. Changed then my mobile wouldn’t charge with error message about liquids. So though not wet I will switch on the back on. HELP! now have a blue screen saying DOWNLOADING do not restart. Just, doesn’t look right… panic no ‘phone is it dead, what has happened. Off to P.C. and asked trusty google. Found the answer on a very helpful page press volume and start button together. Ten long seconds and hurrah screen when black and re-started now working fine. An unnecessary distraction.  So I have stopped pretending to work and took time out with a good sort our of the bedroom, looking tidied, even behind the dressing table is dusted! Then started to make some bread which is now on its second prove fresh rolls for supper tonight and for lunch tomorrow. Brad making is so therapeutic. Now I am going to do some downloading of albums that have arrived in the in-box and through the letterbox  then down to some serious work, admin and reviewing four albums for Blues Matters magazine.

June 7th 2017

The sun has reappeared from behind the wet and dark grey skies.  Starting the day feeling uplifted as I walk the dog and meet up with friends the best way to start any day connecting with people you know, exchanging views, agreeing, disagreeing, laughing and crying together depending what life is serving up on our plates at that moment. The wind had blown over half of one of my rose bushes so out with the clippers and now I have a beautiful bowl of sweet and fragrant roses in my front room.

Now I have shown you pictures of Othello, roses and the view from the window of  Bluesdoodles HQ. I have to but the fingers to the key board and get publishing at last Feargal Sharkey interview that has been rather delayed plus a couple of CD reviews.  So let’s make the day count with productivity and feeling upbeat about the wonderful music being produced by the talented musicians across the U.K. and beyond.

Today, has been fairly productive just not focused new music arrives I listen get distracted need to have a plan – ideas on a postcard please!


June 6th 2017

Well we had a drier walk this morning but the wind made it very blustery.

Gov't Mule On Tour plus New Album Started the morning catching up with emails and publishing tours and new albums that definitely are ones Bluesdoodles want o listen too and write about. First the combination of Bad Touch with special guest Mollie Marriott announcing they will be on the road throughout November. More posts – With The Cadillac Three announcing New Album Legacy  then we hear about Revolution Come… Revolution Go  Gov’t Mule Album & Tour


The day was definitely full-on with chores and my blog Bluesdoodles made a lovely loaf of bread  – discussed politics the General Election is an integral backdrop to my life and many other s changing the shape of June as has the wet unseasonably wet and very windy weather. Watched the second part of the dark and heartrending gritty drama Broken. Made me realise as I looked around my home with food in fridge in freezer wine in the wine rack and time to read and reflect how fortunate I am I have the basics of life and so much more.

Today I will leave you with the video launched to-day summing up the solo album from Kaz Hawkins and why it had to be a perfect 10 doodle paws.

Kaz Hawkins – My Daughter My Reflection Feat AMY


June 5th 2017

Yesterday, the invisible Sunday we were busy away from the keyboard it is good to have timeout. Today, back in the driving seat,  after a very wet morning walk with Othello. Now to post news about exciting tours Erja Lyttinnen, Bad Touch and more being added to Bluesdoodles post. Interview with Feargal Sharkey  to be published, albums to review and a newsletter plus lots of work with UKBlues Federation regarding the forthcoming UK Blues Challenge being held at The Cavern, Liverpool. Theres is rising excitement as they say – UKBlues is delighted that the 4th UKBlues challenge will see UKBlues bringing the blues back to the Cavern 60 years on with great bands. This year five acts will be rising to the blues challenge in a quest to represent the UK at the 2018 European and International Blues Challenges. The bands are Elles Bailey; LaVendore Rogue, The Rainbreakers and Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. The fifth and final act will be a young band chosen by representatives of Jessica Foxley Unsigned at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival at Colne in late August.

The rain fell down what a dreadful day, the weather determined to drown out summer, solution was to turn the music up.

Published Beth Hart Tour, Erja Lyytinen Tour Dates, listened to Kaz Hawkins Solo album so different and is a delight ready to write the review tomorrow.

Well the to do list was ambitious and I still have lots left to do tomorrow.

June 3rd 2017

Today, started early and sunny as Kevin of to RSPB Wetlands in Newport where he volunteers on the 1st Saturday of every month showing young people the joys of nature. Today it is Moths and mini beasts. so his moth trap was out in the garden last night ( regular occurrence) lots of the winged critters in pots and in a cool bag to take with him by 7pm far to early for a Saturday!!!!

So I thought get an early start on Bluesdoodles switched on PC and massive Windows 10 update best laid plans and all that still don e just before taking Othello out for his morning run (his not mine you understand)

Back from sunny walk now going to spend couple of hours in the garden, though the early sunshine now hidden behind greying clouds. No more keyboard warrior for me going to have some fresh air and some gardening – music to keep me entertained – Kaz Hawkins solo album Don’t You Know; TajMo the power of Taj Mahal & KebMo; Porter Nickerson’s Bonfire To Ash and finally Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Lay It On Down these four albums are on the list for reviews and will be listened to whilst gardening making notes of thoughts in my handy notebook never far away

June 2nd 2017

Nikka & Strings Soulful New Album Underneath and In BetweenToday we reviewed a ten paw album, always a delight when the music hits all the right buttons. Nikka & Strings – Underneath and In Between Nikka Costa sings beautifully making everything number a sonic work of art on Underneath and In Between is full of classics delivered with spirited originality.- check out the video and read the rest of the review here

Then the time absorbing the start of re-organising and freshening up the site. If you have thoughts then let me know Bluesdoodles is always contactable by sending an email or check out and like our Facebook page to send a message. Bluesdoodles Facebook HERE

Shopping as ever was a start of the weekend chore now the meals are sorted and will be a tour of te world. Tonight Thai Salmon Fishcakes and salad rather tasty and healthy if you ignore the wine and then the chocolate but was scrummy.

Had some exciting digital post Bluesdoodles has been asked by the wonderful Kaz Hawkins to be the first to review her exciting new album – Don’t You Know. This is Kaz new solo project an dis  on first listen rather special. Full review coming very soon so excited and humbled to have such a privileged position. Bluesdoodles is such fun


June 1st 2017

Day One a new idea where Liz Aiken the human behind the website that is keeping you informed. As we say Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews.

You may think that every day is the same listening to music, typing my views posting and on to the next; with some gigs and festivals to add to the fun  I can tell you it is not. Life often interrupts plus to understand an album you have to listen a few times otherwise it is first impressions and that is so often not the impression you want to talk about on a review. So often the albums that are most intriguing that turn to be the favourite the album you return to is one that failed to impress on the first airing.

Today, the first day of a new month, first day of summer for Meteorologists and time for me to re-vamp the website; it is over due a refresh.

The day started with Othello having a walk the excitement of a brand new ball that stills squeaks makes his day happy and perfect. Wish we all could be pleased so easily. Then coffee lots of it; feeling rather tired, long drive back from Robin 2 made longer by the M5 closure and diversion still home safe and sound before 2 am. Then awake at 6 am as Kevin my trusty driver, note taker and so much more as the biggest supporter of Bluesdoodles has work to go to.

Fueled by coffee and energised by Eric Gale’s gig last night at The Robin 2 combined with a re-listen of the his latest album Middle of the Road.  I downloaded and edited the photographs and then compiled my thoughts combined with the notes Kevin took last night. To read what I said about him and the rather good Tom Walker Trio who open click over HERE You may be surprised how long this takes but worth it for every comment; especially when interspersed with hanging up washing and tidying up to minimise the chaos.

During the after listened to the rather good album from Nikka Costa; Underneath and In Between the rest is for tomorrow when the album is released.

Finished the day with a relaxing glass or two of Rose and an early night.