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Bluesdoodles Home: The portal to Bluesdoodles reviews, critique and opinion of live and recorded music. Bluesdoodles also shares bands and artists on tour across the UK. plus snippets and artist that are worth your attention. Unconstrained by Genre: The constant is  music that Liz Aiken can connect too – in the main – Blues; Rock; Folk and beyond. Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews

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Recorded music: is carefully listen to considered. Only then does Bluesdoodles keyboard warrior Liz Aiken start putting her thoughts into the latest post. find links to the reviews here Recorded Music Reviews As a result, the reviews explores the tracks that stand out, delves deep into the lyrics and judges the recording by the tonal textures and variations throughout the album.
At the end of every year, we select album of the year and other categories 2016 best of the rest can be found here over at Bluesdoodles Picks of 2016 Recorded Music.
Live Events: Bluesdoodles enjoys going to variety of venues, many in Cardiff & Bristol. Why? we are located in South Wales. we travel further and always enjoy the music at the end of the journey at festivals or in the many amazing venues across the U.K. Check out Our Live Music Reviews
Interviews: We love to talk with musicians and artists finding out about their latest projects, what inspired them when they were young and so much more – Read what we talked about Interviews

Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews

Bluesdoodles Home of Independent and Honest Reviews